Friday, June 22, 2018

True Citrus

A while ago you seen my post for the True Citrus Sweepstakes right??? if not go check it out now. Anyhow the point of this post is to share with you their amazing products! In my house we love Juice and water and Tea. But getting my kids to drink water sometimes can be rough. Especially my little one. He loves his juice. So Water Enhancers, because sometimes he just needs to lay off of the juice. 
Now the trick is to find a water enhancer that I can trust. I need one that is not loaded up with sugar or a billion other things that I can not trust. So what do I do. Recently True Citrus sent me almost all of their products and I am in love!! Low Calorie, and not loaded with sugars or even fake sugars, just pure crystallized flavor. We love it! True Citrus scent me one of all of there products including the spices for cooking!  The first thing I tried as soon as I opened the box was the watermelon flavor! I loved it. My husband was not to keen on it but he did like the other flavors. My favorite of all of them has def. been True Orange Mango!  As far as the Salt free cooking spices I love the Orange Ginger! This gives some new flavor when I make chicken! You can taste a slight hint of Ginger, with more of the orange zest! It is simply delicious. It  does not need to marinade for a while, I just sprinkle it on the chicken and then pop it in the oven and go! I love to use the Lime, Cilantro & Garlic and the Lemon Pepper one when I am making Tacos or Burritos! This is delicious. Just a hint of the spices that you want when you make mexican food! As far as the drink mixes, I always keep a few on me. I stick a bunch of them in my lunch box and i am sure to keep a few in my purse. So when I go to a restaurant I almost always order a water. But being a former waitress, I hate asking for lemon. Especially if all I get is a water with my meal. Thanks to True Citrus I can just use a couple of lemon packets.  Just mix it in with my water and boom! True natural lemon flavor and none of the unnecessary stuff with it! 

**These are my own personal opinions I was not compensated in money for this review. I was however provided the products to test and review. I always encourage my readers to try the products for themselves. 

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