Friday, June 22, 2018

Note Cube is the gift to give

So Father's day has come and gone, and I am pretty sure I won the father's day gift giving! Not that this is a contest but if it was I would have won. How did I win Father's day you ask ? Note Cube. What is Note cube you ask? It is the adorable little box filled with memories and the reasons you love the person that is receiving the box. You can customize each note and you can even add photos to them! 

The process is really simple, the site is very user friendly and super easy to navigate!
You do have to purchase before you start the process of editing the note and adding pictures. After you have ordered, you of course edit and customize it to fit your needs. Then you submit it. They print the notes and get them shipped to you! The printing process and shipping is done rather quickly. The packaging is done quite well too. the blue box that contains the actual notes is placed inside of another box to make sure it is protected and then it is placed in a rather durable envelope that will be shipped to you! You receive a gold paper clip as well to take your favorite note and place it on display. There are magnets on the front of the box to make this super simple! I love the idea of the paper clip to display it!

So how did this company come about ? In February 2015, siblings James and Lauren, where trying to decide what to get their mom for her 60th Birthday. I mean what do you get the woman who gave you life for such a milestone in her life ? By this point in her life she has likely already gotten jewelry, flowers, and anything else you can think of. You want something new and something she will cherish right ? Then the idea came to them! Sixty different memories from friends and family members in her life. After they gathered all of these memories, they presented them to her in a box. Finding the right box was f course no easy task! This took time and effort. Effort which paid off quite well. When their mom received the gift she was over joyed. This is the kind of effort we want to give all of our loved ones in our life! Note cube makes that process super simple!

So what special day do you have coming up next ? Maybe a wedding? An anniversary, a birthday or just because! Get started here!

** Note cube did provide me with their service and product for free in exchange for the review of their product. These are my true and honest opinions. I was not coerced into saying anything untrue or that I do not 100% stand behind. As always I recommend that you try note cube for yourself and develop your own opinions!

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