Saturday, June 30, 2018

try winc

Lets Wine about it....

With all the hub bub and commotion of life all I want at the end of my long day is a glass of wine.... But I do not really want to go to the store after work and buy a bottle of wine. So whats a girl to do? Wine about it?? Nope, that is not an option.

But check this out, a monthly subscription wine service... oh yea! I am talking a wine club, delivered once a month to your door...
Winc wine club makes this all possible!

4 bottles a month, personalized to your liking, each bottle starting at at least 13 dollars a piece..

The best part of all of this ?? Get started right here right now and you will save $22 this month!

So what are you waiting for ??

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Friday, June 22, 2018

Label Daddy Love

I am a label fiend. There I said it! I love to label things! I can not deny it, it is who I am. So recently I did a collab with Label Daddy and I scored some sweet reusable write on labels. This way I can customize them for anything in the house. My stuff, The three childrens things and the husbands belongings. I got Write on- wipe off labels and some chalk labels. So as you can imagine being a label fiend I have gone on a bit of a labeling spree....

The first thing I took these wonderful write on wipe off labels to my mismatched  kitchen jars. 
 and then I thought to myself me and the small human are getting ready to head to Arizona soon... So why not label everything that will go in mine and the small humans carry on.... including my laptop and charger for it. So when I bought the little three ounce bottles for lotion and shampoo, it came with these sad excuse for labels. So Label Daddy to the rescue! Then my labeling addiction went to the little things, like the cup i take to work everyday. Now I work by myself but this cup goes with me pretty much everywhere. I have to say Label Daddy is where it is at if you need labels. And they do so much more than labels. they have things like towels, bags and wall Decals too! Return Address Labels too!

** These labels where provided to me by Label Daddy in exchange for my honest opinion and review. I was not coerced into saying the above. These are my own words and thoughts. I always encourage my readers to try them an formulate their own opinion. 

True Citrus

A while ago you seen my post for the True Citrus Sweepstakes right??? if not go check it out now. Anyhow the point of this post is to share with you their amazing products! In my house we love Juice and water and Tea. But getting my kids to drink water sometimes can be rough. Especially my little one. He loves his juice. So Water Enhancers, because sometimes he just needs to lay off of the juice. 
Now the trick is to find a water enhancer that I can trust. I need one that is not loaded up with sugar or a billion other things that I can not trust. So what do I do. Recently True Citrus sent me almost all of their products and I am in love!! Low Calorie, and not loaded with sugars or even fake sugars, just pure crystallized flavor. We love it! True Citrus scent me one of all of there products including the spices for cooking!  The first thing I tried as soon as I opened the box was the watermelon flavor! I loved it. My husband was not to keen on it but he did like the other flavors. My favorite of all of them has def. been True Orange Mango!  As far as the Salt free cooking spices I love the Orange Ginger! This gives some new flavor when I make chicken! You can taste a slight hint of Ginger, with more of the orange zest! It is simply delicious. It  does not need to marinade for a while, I just sprinkle it on the chicken and then pop it in the oven and go! I love to use the Lime, Cilantro & Garlic and the Lemon Pepper one when I am making Tacos or Burritos! This is delicious. Just a hint of the spices that you want when you make mexican food! As far as the drink mixes, I always keep a few on me. I stick a bunch of them in my lunch box and i am sure to keep a few in my purse. So when I go to a restaurant I almost always order a water. But being a former waitress, I hate asking for lemon. Especially if all I get is a water with my meal. Thanks to True Citrus I can just use a couple of lemon packets.  Just mix it in with my water and boom! True natural lemon flavor and none of the unnecessary stuff with it! 

**These are my own personal opinions I was not compensated in money for this review. I was however provided the products to test and review. I always encourage my readers to try the products for themselves. 

Note Cube is the gift to give

So Father's day has come and gone, and I am pretty sure I won the father's day gift giving! Not that this is a contest but if it was I would have won. How did I win Father's day you ask ? Note Cube. What is Note cube you ask? It is the adorable little box filled with memories and the reasons you love the person that is receiving the box. You can customize each note and you can even add photos to them! 

The process is really simple, the site is very user friendly and super easy to navigate!
You do have to purchase before you start the process of editing the note and adding pictures. After you have ordered, you of course edit and customize it to fit your needs. Then you submit it. They print the notes and get them shipped to you! The printing process and shipping is done rather quickly. The packaging is done quite well too. the blue box that contains the actual notes is placed inside of another box to make sure it is protected and then it is placed in a rather durable envelope that will be shipped to you! You receive a gold paper clip as well to take your favorite note and place it on display. There are magnets on the front of the box to make this super simple! I love the idea of the paper clip to display it!

So how did this company come about ? In February 2015, siblings James and Lauren, where trying to decide what to get their mom for her 60th Birthday. I mean what do you get the woman who gave you life for such a milestone in her life ? By this point in her life she has likely already gotten jewelry, flowers, and anything else you can think of. You want something new and something she will cherish right ? Then the idea came to them! Sixty different memories from friends and family members in her life. After they gathered all of these memories, they presented them to her in a box. Finding the right box was f course no easy task! This took time and effort. Effort which paid off quite well. When their mom received the gift she was over joyed. This is the kind of effort we want to give all of our loved ones in our life! Note cube makes that process super simple!

So what special day do you have coming up next ? Maybe a wedding? An anniversary, a birthday or just because! Get started here!

** Note cube did provide me with their service and product for free in exchange for the review of their product. These are my true and honest opinions. I was not coerced into saying anything untrue or that I do not 100% stand behind. As always I recommend that you try note cube for yourself and develop your own opinions!

Cherish Vox Box

So I am going to apologize right now for the terrible photos, I have had to temporarily downgrade to a crap phone, so I was unable to get good photos of this vox box.

 First up Is the Mott's Sensibles! Delicious and Perfect for on the go! I got the apple raspberry to try! I loved it, my kids loved it and even my husband loved it! Made with thirty percent less sugar and still 100%juice! Available in Apple Rasberry, Apple Pineapple and Apple Cranberry, you can also pick them up at target in these small on the go containers or larger containers too! go check out the site for Motts Sensibles here

the second item in the cherish vox box is my absolute favorite! The vera wang Embrace! I got to try the green tea one in my last vox box and from then on out I fell in love with Vera Wang. This one brings just as much love as the previous! I love lavender and rose scents, this one is delicately scented, and lasts all day! Very Hypnotizing!

Next up is the Dove Mens Care Dry Antiperspirant Deodorant and Stain Defense. We have always been a fan of Dove in our house, so I knew when I got this my husband would love it. We both like the smell of it, not to overpowering and it lasts all day long. It also leaves his shirts stain free! Lord knows that is a win by me!

So lets talk womens care! The Pantene Foaming Conditioner. I love Foam conditioner! This stuff is wonderful!  It leaves my hair nice and soft and shiny. It also leaves my hair full of volume and life too! I had previously received a sample size in my previous vox box, so when I got a large size I was super excited!

The last item in this box was a bark box toy! Bark Box is a subscription service for your four legged fur baby! I do not have a dog myself so this one I gave to my sister and dads dog! He went crazy over it! This little tiki toy withstood the dog for a little while, however Tiger beat him in the end! Destroying him enough to get the squeekers out of him.

So How do you get a vox box with items like these ???

Click this link!!

Connect your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and every other account you have! The higher your Social Impact score you have the more boxes you get!

Fill out your snaps, Complete your profile and get the vox boxes!

Now go and do it! Click the link above to get started!

** This is not a paid post. I received everything in this box to sample in exchange for my honest and true opinions. I was not coerced into saying any of the above. Everything here was provided from these companies above, they where in collaboration with Influenster. **

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

June's Aroma Box

June's Aroma Box came and I am super Excited! It is dubbed the Communicator! I have got to say Herb Stop is keeping me on my toes with each box I get! This month in the box I had not one but two oils that I had no idea what they where, but what I could use them for. So much so that I had to make a call to Natalie down at Herb stop and get the skinny on them! 

This month brought Caraway, Lemon Verbena ( not to be confused with lemon) Peppermint and The communicator roll on.

I am going to start with peppermint. Peppermint is frequently used in my house. I use it in my diffuser, I use it in a roll on for headaches, It works great when you are sick, for  a soak in the tub. Pretty much if you think of it, peppermint is very Versatile. Peppermint from Herb Stop does have a food chemical codex which means you can ingest a small amount of it! When I was pregnant I was sick for 34 of my 37 week pregnancy. So Peppermint tea was my go to when I was pregnant. I drank peppermint tea from starbucks when I was pregnant. 


 Headache away blend
πŸ’œ 5 drops of Lavender
πŸ’œ 5 drops of Peppermint
πŸ’œ 2- 3 drops of eucalyptus 
Blend with a carried oil of your choice
 apply a small amount to the 
πŸ’œtemples of your forehead (careful to not get it to close to your eyes) 
πŸ’œ The nape of your neck and behind your ears

So Caraway, did you know this could even be an oil ?? This is where Herb stop really got me. It even has a food chemical codex... so WHAT IN THE HECK DO YOU DO WITH CARAWAY?? Caraway is really good for digestion. With origins in Egypt, The seed of the Caraway is steam distilled to get Caraway essential oil can be used  for many things like laryngitis and as a digestive aid, such as a tummy rub.  Use it to treat indigestion, and gas. Oh and ladies you will love this one it can even be used for menstrual cramping.

Digestive Aid Blend
πŸ’œ 5 drops of caraway 
πŸ’œ4 table spoons of a carrier oil
πŸ’œ a container to store it in ( I recommend an amber bottle or a cobalt blue bottle with a dropper so you can easily apply.)
πŸ’œ apply to your tummy area when needed.

With a suggestion by Natalie I made a toothpaste. I am always up for going as natural as possible and this I have to say cuts it pretty close. 
What you need 
πŸ’œ Baking soda
πŸ’œ Coconut oil
πŸ’œ Peppermint oil
πŸ’œ Equal Parts Baking Soda and Coconut oil
-I used 4 Tablespoons of each. Before mixing the two together make sure the coconut oil is melted. This will make it easier to mix. 
πŸ’œ5 drops of caraway 
πŸ’œ 5 drops of peppermint
Mix together and store in a container. 


Lemon Verbena (pronounced Ver Bean Uh). This has to be my favorite oil this month. Lets get real for a minute here. I want to talk about Mental health, anxiety and depression. I know that an oil can not cure these things, however if it helps to ease some of these things in life I am in... I have anxiety and while I know others who battle anxiety and depression much worse than I do, I still deal with it. Sometimes my anxiety attacks come in the form of hard to breath, panic attacks right away...However more often I find my anxiety takes form in over thinking and I find myself spiraling down the paths of What ifs and before I know it I have convinced myself of things that will never happen and then the panic attacks take place. Normally I use the 5-4-3-2-1 coping method. I have started wearing Lemon Verbena on my Diffuser Bracelet  over the last week and I have found myself just a little less anxious.
 I decided to use this one in a sleep mask. for those of you that are super into sewing this will be your type of project.  I cant give you detailed instructions on how to do this, because well to be honest I am not sure how I even put this together. I hand stitched it. I can tell you the materials I used. 
You will need :
πŸ’œ1/2 yard of cotton fabric
πŸ’œsome elastic for the back side of the band 
πŸ’œ1/4 cup of rice
πŸ’œA funnel with a large enough opening to allow rice to pour through. 
πŸ’œLavender Essential Oil 

Sew together your face mask making sure to leave a small opening that will fit the funnel. 
after you sew up your Face mask how you want it you will mix up the rice with 10-20 drops of each oil, If you don't want it to smell super strong I suggest 10 of each oil. I used 15 peppermint 20 lemon 10 lavender if you are not sure what you want Play with it and start by adding 5 of each, and then if you want more add more!!
once you have it all mixed up, place the funnel in the small opening and pour your rice mix in. Sew up the remaining hole and TADA! you have an overnight sleep mask.

Last but never the least the communicator roll on!
with hints of Cedarwood and Lavender as well as a few others this has a calming scent. This one helps me ground my thoughts so that I can focus on what I am trying to express. I keep this one in my purse to have on me at all times.

So what are you waiting for go get your box now! 

Saturday, June 16, 2018

DaffaDoot Crib Wedge


DaffaDoot Baby Reflux Wedge Pillow. For babies who frequently 
suffer from reflux or dramatically spit-up. It's a safe, sound baby 
reflux treatment which gently elevates the baby's head and torso
 to help alleviate discomfort due to frequent stomach acid or frequent 
spitting up. Happy baby equals happy parents!

What makes the DaffaDoot Reflux Wedge Pillow special:
Many wedges are "foldable", which means that it's actually two smaller
 wedge pieces held together by a cover. In other words, it is split and 
can "gap" under baby. Foldable wedges are marketed as "convenient to
 store"... but this feature degrades its performance. It's better to have a 
wedge which focuses on performance instead of focusing on easy storage. 
Foldable wedges, since they are in multiple pieces, are also more likely to
 shift around. Our wedge is a single, stable, correctly sized piece with a 
non-skid bottom and a hypoallergenic, waterproof casing. The zipper is 
at the back of the wedge (to keep it well away from baby) and our foam 
is the perfect firmness (not too soft, not too hard). It meets and exceeds
 federal safety regulations. These regulations dictate that the wedge must
 extend the entire width of the crib mattress (27"). Anything else is not snug 
enough.We are using an eco-friendly zippered bag to package our wedge. 
This can be used to store your wedge in later, or as a blanket bag today.


DaffaDoot is all about family values, and we are on a mission to improve the
 lives of everyone we can reach. We are a Mother/Daughter team, and 
proudly donate our time and money to numerous organizations supporting
 pregnant moms-to-be, new parents, battered women, and school age 
children. We are insanely committed to providing the best customer 
service on the planet and delivering only the highest quality products available.

Happy Times! DaffaDoot Brings It!

My Readers Receive 20% off orders using Promo Code HWBLFYLE
1. Crib Wedge -

2. Auto Seat Protector -

3. Car mirror -

** I was not paid for this ad** 

Monday, June 11, 2018

Summer is here and the kids need something to do!

Yes summer break has arrived and the kids are driving you crazy! Mom I am bored, lets do something! But what ?? So as many of you know this struggle, you need a game plan. Okay now that you have established you need a game plan, what is this game plan ?? If you are anywhere in the Washington, Idaho and even Oregon area make a game plan for Spokane. Why Spokane  you ask?  aside from the culture, the sights the gorgeous waterfalls, what else could be there ? Nestled above the Spokane Falls, and across from Riverfront park is Mobius Science Center and Childrens Museum. There are two different locations, Mobius Science center is right above the falls in its own location on Post Street. Where as Mobius Children's Museum is located inside of the mall! Both the science center and the museum are fun for the entire family! I mean the entire family! We had the opportunity to visit both last week with my myself, D2, the smallest human and my Dad and little sister too!

I am going to start with my review of the Children's Museum. The children's Museum is geared towards the younger children. It if filled with Fun Colors, activities, and is geared to stimulate a child's learning and imagination! With everything from the water table and Bubble room  to the small race track and Dress Up! Camping and Grocery Shopping in between! My personal Favorite Part of Children's Museum was the Bubble Room! They have a few water tables in there filled with the perfect combination of Soapy water to make GIANT Bubbles! the small human loved it! So did his dad. I think this was a favorite of many of the kids there. Again this is geared towards children ages 0  to 8 so If you have older kids be sure to check out the science museum as well! After we where done exploring here, I spoke with the gals working the front desk and they where such a huge help on information! If you have a child who is Autistic this is the place to be! in fact if you have special needs you can even call and work with the Mobius coordinator and they are
willing to work with you on scheduling a time when there are not so many people so that your child will not become over whelmed! Having a great in depth experience with children who land on the Autism scale, I know that a bunch of people can tend to trigger a meltdown. They also have Tons of activities throughout each month aside from the day to day routine! including toddler and me classes and summer camp programs! 

  Next up is the Science Center! So of the two this was by far our favorite! But it may have something to do with the fact that our entire family really loves science! The science center is geared towards older kids and adults. focusing on math and sciences. They had several exhibits all hands on and so much fun! We played with Slime, We raced different types of materials such as steel, wood, carbon fiber. We learned how electricity is produced and distributed. We also learned about money and how its made, how to spot counterfeit bills. We even got to design and build our own noodle building! We got to play with static electricity too! That was fun! From Slime to money, this is hands down going to be our Spokane go to! Again this is fun for the entire family! my dad who is in his 50s to our two year old, Had a blast at both the museum and science center! Me and D2 are already talking about an annual membership!

You can host a birthday party or just any party at either location!
 You can check out their Prices Here! Science Center Children's Museum

So what are you waiting for ?? If you are in this area go and check them out! Oh also if you are not from the area, go make a weekend of it! If you are staying the night in Spokane show your hotel key card for a discount! Both the museum and Science center is a place you will love!

** Please note that Mobius facilitated this review. We were admitted to both the Science Center and Museum free of charge, however this did not influence my review. My review is my honest and unbiased opinion! I always encourage my readers to try everything for themselves!**