Thursday, May 31, 2018

Tweexy saves the day!

How many times have you sat down to paint your nails or toes and and you have found yourself with not enough hands, and you spill your nail polish bottle ? Heaven knows my carpets, sheets and many other items have been permanently scared with nail polish! I know I know I could paint my nails at a table or set my bottle of nail polish on a more sturdy surface, but ladies you all know this is not a reality. The more you set down and pick up that bottle the more you risk screwing up your nails! So what fixes that?? Tweexy! Oh yea a wearable nail polish holder! I have got to say, this thing is a must have in all of your nail polish bags! My bed sheets are saved! My manicure looks awesome! it no bigger than the palm of my hand so it is small enough to fit in my bag! it is a silicone that is thick and makes it super sturdy! However it is still flexible enough to accommodate all bottles of nail polish! I am a huge fan of the LA Colors color last. its a medium square bottle so you would think it would not hold it, but it actually holds it very well! It is comfortable to wear and has these nifty tabs on the rings so you can remove it easy once you are done!

So why waste anymore precious nail polish, save your sheets and carpets! Get Tweexy! 

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**Please note that I was provided with the Tweexy Nail polish holder free of charge, However this does not influence my honest and true opinion. Tweexy is providing a second Nail Polish holder free of charge to one lucky winner and they will receive it from tweexy!**

Monday, May 21, 2018

AromaBox Essential oils

As many of you know I am obsessed with essential oils! Recently I came across this little company company called Herb Stop based in Pine,  Arizona! Yes a company based in my home state, I was super excited by that fact alone! Then they won my heart by having a monthly subscription of essential oils! SWEET!!!! The Aroma Box consists of 4 different oils, three regular oils and one roll on oil! Each month brings you something new and along with each box you receive a pamphlet explaining each oils origin, what part of the plant was used, hw it was extracted and rather or not it has a food chemical codex! It also includes their price for a full size bottle is and what the size of the full size bottle is! It also includes an aromatherapy tip for each oil, and two different tips from Leilah and Natalie on each oil! 

a little bit about Leilah and Natalie
Leilah is a swiss pharma assistant and a master herbalist! She founded Herb Stop in 1992 and in 2002 Natalie another master herbalist joined Leilah. Together they both have worked hard to create a superior line of over 2500 herbal products! They insist that all of their ingredients come from reliable and ethical sources! Together they have received numerous awards and recognition for their hard work. They also work so hard to donate and give back to the community of  Pine, and the surrounding communities! Giving back and making donations to PETA, PAWS, the Pine Strawberry Fire Dept. and many others! If you want to read all about Herb Stop and Leilah and Natalie click here!

Now down to the oils that I received in "The Beauty" Aroma Box

I received Lemon Essential oil
Oakmoss Essential oil 
Rose Geranium Essential oil 
The Beauty Roll on

I will start with  the lemon essential oil 

So lemon is pretty much a must in any essential oil kit! if you go and look on pinterest I am willing to bet right away you will find at least 5 essential oil recipes that you need lemon for! I love the lemon smell! I use it when I make sanitizing spray. In my air freshner spray, in my diffuser every where! Lemon has a ton of uses but one of its huge uses is to help ditch Cellulite! oh yes, I use it on my legs all the time! You can make a shower scrub with it by mixing it with a carrier oil and some coffee grounds! 
  All Purpose Cleaner
2 drops of lemon
3 drops of tea tree oil 
a mixture of vinegar and water
put into a spray bottle and spray on counter tops to disinfectant!

OakMoss in Organic Golden Jojoba Oil
So this one was a new one to me! I was not aware you could take moss and make an oil of it! But man does it smell good! it has a really musky scent to it, not in a bad way! it can be very intoxicating. This is something that would be used in a perfume, it can be very powerful though so if you plan on diffusing it start with only one drop! A little goes such a long way! This is rich in antiseptic properties can also help relieve symptoms of an asthma attack and coughs. 

Oakmoss & Grapefruit Beard oil - I made some up for my husband and he loves it

Argan Oil
2 drops of OakMoss 
5 drops of grapefruit
 Mix together and apply in beard to maintain Skin and Beard Hair health and help maintain beard hair as a styling agent! 

Rose Geranium 
This one has such a sexy scent. its light and floral rose geranium has several uses itself! it can be used for dry and oily skin, broken capillaries and it has a balancing effect on emotions. Great for women during that time! Lord knows my mood swings could use some help! If you plan on diffusing this you can use it by itself or with others such as sandlewood! 

Tick Repellent - with camping season in full swing this is great! 
4 Tbsp of Almond Oil
2 Tbsp Aloe Vera Gel
30 Drops Rose Geranium 
Dab it on the nape of your neck, behind your ears, behind your knees and around your belly button. you can also spray it on your clothes and this is safe for use on your dogs too! 

The Beauty Roll on
This is for those looking to accept more beauty into their lives, and hey who can't use just a little more beauty right ? The carefuly selected oils in this blend are known to be uplifting and titillating with its unique sweet and mysterious scents. Use this roll on when getting ready for date night or just when looking to expand the beauty in your life! So I do have to warn with this, use sparingly! It can be overpowering if you use to much! But it does have a calming scent to it! 

So with this I really have to say that Herb Stop's Aroma Box has won my heart! It is a ow 24.95 a month and if you know anything about Essential Oils, this is a steal! So what are you waiting for! Go order June's Box now! 

go check out Herb Stop on Facebook and Instagram

*This Aroma Box was Provided by Herb Stop free of charge in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinions. I was not compensated money wise for this review! ** 

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Jurassic Quest coming to Spokane in October

Come Join us at the Spokane Convention Center on October 5, 6, & 7! Friday 3pm - 8pmSaturday & Sunday 9am - 8pm 


Purchasing tickets online before the event will guarantee access!
Strollers are welcome and be sure to bring your cameras! There will be a TON of great moments to capture! 

We have added dinosaurs and elements that have never been seen before! 
NEW to Jurassic Quest:
-HUGE, new 24 ft Carnotaurus & T-Rex rides! The biggest ridable dinosaurs in North America! 
-30 new dinosaurs, over 100 total dinosaurs! Including a life-size Spinosaurus, Apatosaurus, Triceratops, Giginotosaurus, Pinochiorex, Drakorex, Quetzacotlus, Anzu Wyllei, Ouranosaurus, and more!
-NEW activities!
-Walking Dakotaraptors and New walking Dilophosaurus! 
-NEW walking dinosaur rides!
-New Fossil digs, paleontology, and fossil stations!

Jurassic Quest has been the largest dinosaur event in North America since 2013 and is now even bigger! Our exhibit features:

-Science stations!
-Incredibly realistic BABY DINOSAURS exclusive to Jurassic Quest!
-Cinema, dinosaur bounce houses, and bungee pulls!
-Crafts, face painting, green screen photo, and dinosaur Jeopardy! 

 Want to win a 4 pack of tickets for the Spokane event ?
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* Please note these tickets are only good for the spokane event! it will not be valid for any other jurassic quest event! Your name will be added to the will call list, and your tickets can be picked up at the will call booth at the actual event! You may not sell these tickets for reason. They are limited to you and three other guests. You must be 18 years and older to claim the tickets and you must have a valid ID to claim them.**

* this is an Ad not a review. I am not being paid in monetary value to host this ad. I myself will receive tickets to the same Spokane event so that I may facilitate a review of the event! I am simply posting this here on my blog to facilitate the giveaway! **

Just a bit Nerdish!

This post is going to be super fun for me, I love working with small businesses and crafters. Especially when they make one of a kind items! So in working with An, I was able to get a one of a kind dice box. Now I will be using mine for different purposes because I typically do not use dice. I asked An to make a box for mine and D2's rings at our vow renewal! Since our wedding is so off beat, finding little things like a ring box is rough. I have got to say she did an amazing job and has blown me away!! The construction of the box is wonderful! The painting is flawless and she is simply a pleasure to work with!
 An's Nerdish  creations started with her gaming passion. She, her husband and her boys are all gamer. Gamers of everything from, PC to console and even RPG's. Over her years of gaming, An has acquired quite the collection of Dice. she needed some place to put them.She searched and searched online, and she found some very expensive boxes, yet nothing spoke to her. So using her creative abilities, she created her first dice box! Then she made one for her husband. After attending a regular game night, a friend of hers encouraged her to sell them! After much thought, Nerdish was born!
For the most part she tries to recycle things like cigar boxes, but it really varies on what the customer wants. She designs, hand draws and paints all the boxes herself. Unless you order a box with no felt, they all contain felt t protect the dice, and while each box is original she can always repeat orders!
An loves to create and work with customers to make their ideas come to life! She is such a unique crafter too! if you follow her on Instagram you will get access to some of the things not listed on her site. Things like these AMAZING Oogie Boogie Dice, oh yeah! When I first saw these on her IG I was hooked! I have been following her ever since and I am in awe!

So now check this out, An was kind enough to provide one lucky reader with a silver mimic dice box!
Oh yes a new giveaway! Go below to see how you can enter to win! The winner will be drawn on 6.15.18 and since the box is in my possession I will ship it out!

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** This review is my own honest and true opinions. I was not paid in exchange for this review! Nerdish did provide me one box in exchange for the review and one box for the giveaway*

Monday, May 14, 2018

Planning done right!

I am always forgetting something! It never fails, no matter how well I think I have a handle on it, I will ultimately fail and forget. I am sure as a parent you know this struggle! So we get a planner, but often times not just any planner will do. Your husband or wife's schedule, your kids schedules, school, work, bills, you have to balance it all out. Never works out just right without the proper planning tools. So lets get you on the right path! Denise Albright  brings you all of the planning essentials! All you need is the plans and a pen! Before I get to the fun stuff and tell you all about the amazing products She creates, Let me tell you a bit about the woman who brings you the best planner you will ever know! 
Denise is a wife and a mom of three, so she knows all about busy! She graduated from Penn State, and when she graduated and relocated across the country her doodling hobby became her profession. She then founded and later sold a wholesale stationary company. She wanted to focus on what most of us dream about ourselves, so while she was doing diaper changes and scheduling play dates she was licensing her artwork and in 2015 she assumed ownership of the entire production process of the Reminder Binder
Now the Reminder Binder that I have is good from August 2018 through all of 2019. Thats right 17 months of planning all in one amazing book! This planner has it all! Each Month has a monthly overview, and then you will find each week broken up so you can plan effectively for each week. In the margins of each weekly age there is a section to leave extra notes. Each week page also includes three small monthly calendars, one for the previous, present and following month! This makes it super easy so you don't need to keep flipping back and forth through the pages! The planner has two awesome pockets (front and back) to store things such as a card you may need in an upcoming month! The reminder Binder has these heavy duty tabs so that you may easily find your way through the binder! At the back you will find several extra pages to jot down dates to remember, contacts and addresses, a nifty gifty checklist, and LISTS!!! I love lists! I always put them down on the fridge but then I forget them there! Not anymore! and to make it better stickers! Fun little stickers to add some extra pizaz to your binder! The binder is colorful and stands out to really help you remember everything! 

There are so many other great planning tools! The Dad pad which is perfect for dads on the go, part of it sits on dads desk and it has a small tear off portion to go inside of dads wallet so he has a reminder later on! There is the desk calendar and the peek at the week too! They really are all amazing! Each one of these other planning tools all have extra check lists on the back of each page! 

Find all of these planner pads here

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The Amazing Reminder Binder
12x9 Monthly Planner Pad
Peek at the Week Panner Pad
The Dad Pad
3 Sticker Sets ( Busy Mom, Every Gal, and Get It Done)
Pull and Place Adhesive Strip Pack

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If you follow to unfollow all of your entries will be disqualified! 

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** This review and Giveaway was sponsored by Denise Albright Studios. I was not paid for this post. However all of the items listed above where provided at no charge in exchange for my honest opinions!**

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Stop the nail biting now!

I admit it, I am a nail biter! I will bit my nails for almost any reason. Usually when I am anxious or angry. If I have just one nail that broke off, I will chew them all off. It is terrible. I really just need it to stop!! 

So when this product called control it was introduced to me I was skeptical. I knew I would have to try it myself. I did and I have to say it is something wonderful! My nails were constantly chewed all the way down as low as I could chew them and I just could not stop. Here I am just a few weeks later with my nails growing rapidly and I have not chewed them off yet! I am quite thrilled with how they turning out! They are growing quite beautifully and my cuticles are not drying up, so I am not tearing them up either. 
How does it work ? The creme is super bitter, so when you go to bite your nails you are training yourself to just not do it! You will start to associate that terrible taste with biting. So you would think that something so terrible tasting has got to be loaded with harsh chemicals, right ? Nope! The ingredients are simple,
✭Distilled Water
✭Aloe Vera Leaf Juice
✭Natural Oils and Vitamins
✭Stearic Acid
✭Soy Oil
✭Cetyl Alcohol
✭Emulsifying Wax
                                                   ✭Vegetable Glycerin
                                                 ✭  Palmitic Acid
                                                 ✭ Potassium Sorbate
                                                   ✭Rosemary Oil

I apply it three times a day, you will want to make a point of washing your hands before handling any food. 

So are you ready to start stop biting ??? check it out here

**This review was not coerced and is that of my own opinion and is truthful and honest. I did not receive any form of monetary value in exchange for this review. I did receive this product free of charge for my review purposes. ** 

Saturday, May 5, 2018

At home teeth whitening:does it work??

Marilyn Monroe once said " A smile is the best makeup a girl can wear." I think I as well as many of you have heard this time and time again. I always try to smile, it is really how I cope with most everything in my life. I never stay blue for too long. However if smile and do not show my teeth it comes across more as RBF than a smile. Showing my teeth off has never been a strong suit of mine. I have almost Twenty-eight years of terrible dental habits, twelve years of coffee drinking, and several years of smoking too...ick I know. I have been smoke free now for close to five years now!! but that still does not help how yellow my teeth where. It drove me crazy!! Anyhow Let me cut to the chase here!! Smile Brilliant is something else! At first I was skeptical. I have tried almost everything. I have tried Baking soda, peroxide, charcoal. All sorts of home remedies and for what insurance would cover some basic whitening at the dentist... nothing ever really stuck. So I just kind of dealt with it. However after just a few days of using Smile Brilliant's Whitening Gel  I was blown away!! The results are phenomenal!! 
Tomorrow will mark the beginning of week three. I have done my whitening treatment every day for the last three weeks like clockwork! They sent me the entire system to get me started!
this included everything I needed to create my teeth impressions, as well as the whitening gel and desensitizing gel!    Creating the Impressions was really a breeze, I sent them back in the pre paid envelope and within the next week I had my teeth whitening trays and could start the whitening process! They fit perfectly! Now one thing that drives me crazy when it comes to teeth trays of any kind is if they prevent me from talking.  Not with these trays, they are not bulky and super light weight! The Whitening gel is brutal at first, it makes you drool a lot in the very beginning, and until you get used to it it my sting just a tiny bit. I adjusted pretty quickly though. I think by day three I was using it for two hours. I was told to whiten at night after dinner. This way you are not introducing new foods and drinks into the mix after whitening. This allows for the desensitizing gel to remain on your teeth. So this Desensitizing is pretty minty so it leaves your mouth feeling quite fresh afterwards! Which I love! So are you ready to Smile Fearlessly ?? Go check out Smile Brilliant and get the process started!!

   ⇫⇫Click this link for the giveaway⇫⇫

20% off coupon code: ladystitchhasaglitch20

** Smile Brilliant provided me with this kit free of charge for the purposes of my review! Receiving this kit for free did not influence my opinions in anyway, all of the views expressed here are my own genuine thoughts and feelings!**

Tooth Whitening Gel

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Mabels Labels

As a parent and a former pre k teacher, I know as well as most of you folks do, Kids lose stuff all the time! You name it, shoes, backpacks, cups, folders, everything!! If it is not nailed down it will get lost. Of course they always lose the important stuff at school or camp!!! I have seen kids lose everything from shoes to underwear!! Yes underwear. They have an accident in class, it gets put in a bag and in their cubby and by the end of the day it is gone!! It never ceases to amaze me as to where these things go!! You search the lost and found, only to find three more similar items, and well you aren't quite sure.... so lets take the guessing out of it all and just label it with Mabel's Labels!! 

So this great company sent me a starter pack for the small child and we love them!!! The first thing I did was put them in his shoes! I already buy so many shoes because he outgrows them and I will be darned if I have to replace them because he loses one on a trip through the mall. Now because I am a stickler for protecting my kiddos privacy, I did block out all of his name except his initials. I put these labels on EVERYTHING!! Underwear, Shoes, Cups, Clothes, if this kid takes it out of my house it got a label! I really do love these labels. When attached to the clothing label, you can wash them! Oh yea! no need to add a new label every time you wash your little ones clothes! Almost all of their label line is Waterproof! Dish washer safe too! I love the quality of the labels! They are durable and adorable! The color is pretty awesome too. Included in the starter pack is two bag tags too! I put one his diaper bag and I am saving one for his backpack when he gets his first one. The bag tag is metal so it should hold up to the small human for quite some time!

 Mabels Labels line goes so much further than just labels for your little ones. They make labels for you, your kitchen, and even kids safety labels. So why don't you go check out Mabel's Labels and see how they can label your life!!

**I did not receive any monetary compensation for this review. I did receive the label starter pack free of charge from Mabel's Labels for the purpose of my review. My opinions are my own and not coerced in any way. I always encourage you to try Mabel's Labels for yourself! **

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

True citrus sweepstakes

True Citrus - Be Healthy, Be Happy, Be True Sweepstakes

The #HealthyHappyTrue Sweepstakes was created by True Citrus to celebrate how people live their healthiest, happiest and truest life possible.

Entering provides the chance to win a grand prize including a $10,000 cash prize, a Vitamix Professional Series Blender ($600 value), Fitbit watch ($200 value), a True Lemon thermal water bottle and a sampling of all True Citrus products. 

To enter the sweepstakes and for details on how to increase chances of winning, visit through June 15. 


Interested in trying True Citrus for yourself? Save 40% on your order at by entering the code TRUEFAMILY40US at checkout.

*I did not receive money in exchange for this advertisement. *