Sunday, April 29, 2018

Getting cozy with my Cozyphones

Going back to when I was a single woman, I always slept with the TV onor music. It has always been my comfort zone. I know when I was a teenager I would sleep here and there with it but there was always some sort of noise in my house so it was not a must. However when I was 22 my step dad got really sick and he was in the hospital for a long time. My mom and I would alternate nights at the hospital ensuring one of us was always there. Soon I found my nights very long.. If my Dads Cpap machine was not going off every twenty minutes, it would get too silent. So silent that I would have terrible nightmares. So soon I found myself sleeping with headphones. I needed music to get to sleep. So from this point out I have always needed some sort of noise when I sleep.

 However that kind of changed. When I met D2 he never slept with tv or music. So a lot of my nights where spent staying up later than him, listening to his snores. Most nights I would listen to music with ear buds, but they kept falling out and if they would stay in my ears would hurt. When my ears would hurt I just gave up, I started spending more time learning to fall asleep listening to D2's snoring, and cruising facebook. Recently a company called CozyPhones has been brought into my life and I am in love!!! So now every night I get cozy with my cozyphones. 
I got the set that is blue tooth enabled. They are super comfy, fit my head wonderfully and have the perfect noise level. They tune out just enough of my husbands snoring so I can get to sleep. They take about 2 hours to charge, and I get 6 hours of listening time. When it is on standby it would hold its charge for 250 hours. Just like all of the cozyphones you can remove the ear buds really easily to wash the headband. The ear pieces are roughly the size of a half dollar. They are comfortable against the ears, stay put inside of the headbands. I Really love these cozyphones. They allow me to fall asleep so much easier. I will never buy another set of headphones again!! EVER!!

go to Cozyphones and check out their amazing products!
also go visit their facebook 

 **I did not in anyway make money for writing this review. Cozyphones did provide me with the cozyphones for testing and reviewing purposes. My reviews are not coerced in any way, they are my own honest opinions. I always encourage my readers to purchase and try the product for themself!**

Being a blogging momma and safeguarding my family's privacy

Alright, so this is probably going to piss some people off.... but here it goes!

So as a mom who blogs, I do my best to keep my family's privacy as much as humanly possible. I do my best not to divulge their actual names. I do not share the city in which we live, I do not share where my children attend school or the companies where myself and D2 work. It is simple privacy rules. No in fact it is simple INTERNET RULES!!! For you folks my age, the children who grew up with computers, the ones who still remember what dial-up sounds like, we have had these rules drilled into our brains. But no matter how much we follow these rules it is almost inevitable that we will break them. I know I have broken them.

However now that I am a mom I put the safety of my children above all else. So when I am blogging I try to follow some basic rules.. 
  1. I do not use my childrens names, instead I use nicknames. 
  2. I do not divulge where my children go to school. 
  3. I do my best to remember to not use the name of the town we live in. 
  4. I do not post photos of my children in their bathing suits, in fact if my children are wearing anything less than shorts and a t shirt I do not post a photo.... period... 

Rule number four is a huge one for me.... It is actually the reason I felt the need to make this post. 

So today you see parents out there who want to make facebooks and IG's for their kiddos.... well ok whatever floats your boat... I understand if you wanna make them private so you can keep the family (especially the long distance family ) up to date on your kiddo and all the new and exciting things that are going on in their lives! Cool, but make em private.... the world should not have access to their pictures....the world is full of weirdos.... even if you know them..... 
So what brings me to this PSA.... Last week I had this mom, who has a three year old model. and she had gone and created an Instagram to get her pictures out there. Now look I know getting into the modeling gig is rough. I know your kid is adorable and I think some part of this mom wants her three year old to be a viral internet sensation.... whatever floats your boat.... anyhow in the bio she puts, that her daughter is a three year old model, that the account is run by mom, and in big bold letters she puts NO CREEPS AND WEIRDOS... 

hold up right there..... so you are telling me you have a public profile on IG of your three year old in her bathing suit and you put up no creeps or weirdos.... since when does saying no creeps and weirdos stop creeps and weirdos..... my Bio says I am a wifey, yet that does not stop the people impersonating Graham Allen from emailing and telling me how beautiful they think I am and how I could have an amazing life if I would marry them.

So let me tell you my biggest issue of this, I get this gal just wants to make her gorgeous daughter famous at three but at least be a bit more discreet... first off make the profile private... you do not need to be exploiting her, she is three..... give her some time to be a kid... second off BEWARE of who you do allow to see the IG.... SERIOUSLY..... people even people you know in real life can be creeps..... just because you say no creeps it is not going to keep the creeps away! 

I am going to share a news story with you, this is my biggest reason for being discreet. ESPECIALLY WHEN IT COMES TO MY KIDS. I did not know the gal in this story but man caught stealing her photos of her child. This was someone she went to high school with. Someone she knew and trusted. The reason I am sharing this specific new article is because I unfortunately have crossed paths with this disgusting human, of course this was before I was a parent, but none the less when his face flashed across my TV it shook me to the core. Click Here to read the news story

So folks please think twice when you are sharing stuff about your life on social media. The world is scary enough, and social media never helps....

ok Rant over! 

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Cozy Phones

One of the dilemas of parenting is having to always watch kids shows, or hear them. Let me tell you, I am sure like many of you I know the Hot Dog dance better than the writers of the Song. I'm telling you, O'Toodles needs to bring mommy a glass of wine because I am over hearing Hot Dog, Hot Dog, Hot Diggity Dog! You can only hear it so many times before you lose it!
The smallest of humans has a rough time wearing normal headphones, because well he is two... So there is that. However this veteran family owned company is a life saver. We chose the Chase Paw Patrol CozyPhones. He about lost it when I opened up the package. It was like Christmas in April! He was super excited about them and could not wait to try them on! We plugged them in and from then on out, Silence! He sat there like that until his tablet died. He can watch all the Mickey Mouse he wants and I can blog in peace! I love it!! 

The quality of the headphones is great! You can adjust the inner headphones to where the childs ears are. Cleaning is super easy too!! The headphones are easy to remove, then simply wash in cold water on the gentle cycle and lay flat to air dry. once they are dry simply replace the cozyphones and your kiddo is good to go!  The fleece is soft and light weight.  Best of all it does not get too hot!

You can check out this set of cozyphones along with all other great kids cozyphones! They have 11 different designs for kids!! They have a sleep and relaxation line and an active line!! Go check them out on their website!!

** Cozyphones did not provide me with  a monetary compensation for this review. Cozyphones only provided me with the product for free for the purposes of a review. These opinions are my own, and are not coerced in any way. They are honest. They may differ from that of others. I always encourage you to try the cozyphones for yourself!

Monday, April 16, 2018

Mom deserves the world

Mother's day will soon be here and what do you get for the woman who gave you life? The one person who loved you first and will always be in your corner?? Yea, I ask myself the same question, year after year. I just do not know what to get. My mom deserves the world, and my grandma too.... Unfortunately I just cant afford the world. I wish though, however, I can take their favorite photo of my kids and put in a Beautiful Canvas Print! Canvas Pop is no doubt the only choice in printing companies. Canvas Pop is my go to for Canvas Prints and Framed Prints! I love the quality of the photos and the frames are incredible. They are strong, and well made!

Canvas pop has a few locations, They print in the US and in London and their head office is located in Canada. So worldwide they are rocking it! Making Moms and other customers happy world wide! They have printed over 450,000 canvas prints! You have got to check out their site! Like right now!

As a mom myself, and a mom who is obsessed with her pictures, canvas prints are my favorite! I love to see my family photos hanging on my walls in such a simple and elegant beautiful form! I think they add such a level of class to any room. They go well with any decor. Canvas pop has so many options to choose from!! You can frame it! You can have it printed in black and white. even how thick you want the canvas!

You can get your picture printed on a throw pillow too! Canvas Pop has such a huge selection of gifts for mom and all the other moms in your life! But why should you give your mom a gift like this? aside from the woman has given you everything ? Because it is personal! It is unique and special. It is something that will give your mom a gift for year to come. Rather it be an old photo of you and mom when you where little, or a photo of you and your family now! This is the best best gift I could ever recieve!! For mother's day instead of taking a photo and texting it to her get started with canvas pop and give mom an incredible canvas print!

** This post is not a paid post. This post is an advertisement. My opinion is honest and is that of my own. It may differ from others! * *

Thursday, April 12, 2018


Save 25% on Label Daddy Labels! Label Daddy is the number one solution for labeling your belongings. Their exclusive laminated coating gives labels an extra layer of protection and is a must for camp! Remember to label all clothing, sports equipment, electronics and other personal belongings your kids bring to school, camp, sports league, day care, vacation, and other places.  Label daddy labels keep then from getting lost or mixed up with other! These Labels are great for adults! Put them on your sunglasses or unglasses case, phone, camera, sports equipment, tablet, hats and more!!
The labels are super durable, peel and stick washable labels. They are washer and dishwasher safe, microwave safe, and UV resistant! Label Daddy labels are fun and aesthetically. You can design your own labels, choosing from tons of colors, and logos! including MLB, NBA and NHL logos, as well as other sports and fun logos! These labels are made in the USA and Shipped directly to you world wide!  

All posts must include this link and exclusive special offer - Save 25% on any lable order from Label Daddy.  -  Click here: (the discount will automatically be applied at check out)

** This is not a paid post**

Monday, April 9, 2018

Meal Planning and Grocery Shopping!!

I am really making an honest attempt go grocery shopping and not buy half of the snack aisle! This is almost impossible every time we go grocery shopping, I find that I have left with only half of what I need on my grocery list and I have spent double what I would have had I just stuck to my list!! 
Here is my real problem though, I do not plan meals. I usually find myself in the grocery store on tuesday night planning my meals in the middle of the aisles! After the shopping trip I decided enough is enough!! We are spending way to much on groceries! 

So being the pinterest fiend I am I found these!!

This awesome meal planner

and this great shopping list!

hopefully this will help you, and me! Wish me luck!!

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Turn Gram Review

I live 1400 miles away from my family, and we video chat all the time but I always want to print pictures and send them to my son Oma and Pop-pop and great grandparents,but I either forget to have them printed. So typically I just stick to sharing them on social media. What Turn Gram is, it is a monthly subscription you can purchase, they will go to your instagram and select, edit, print and send your pictures to those of your choosing. You can do 1 photo a month or 5 photos a month. You get to basically tell them what you want.

This is what I stated that I wanted...

I want Pictures of my children and my family. I DO NOT want photos of food, products, memes, follow loops, and selfies of just myself. pictures of motorcycles and my friends are acceptable as well

I suppose I should have stated I just do not want any selfies.... because this is what I got. Now I can not really complain because it is not just a selfie of me, however it only has the top of my sons head. So I am really not to pleased.

This post is not something I am to excited to do. I was really super excited to do this review at first but now I am just not super pleased. Turn Gram is not a terrible service, The idea is actually fantastic, but I think the huge down fall is that you do not get to pick what photos you want printed. You can tell them what you do not want but in the end it is really up to turn gram what you get.

I always reccomend that you give something a try and not rely solely on my opinions because they can differ from your own opinions! I really hope that throughout this six month subscription, I will get better photos, ones that I could send to my family back home.

*This was not a paid post. My honest opinions were used, they are solely my own & they may vary from others.The products mentioned above have been provided by Turn Gram for the review free of charge.

Body Lotion so Good it is Sacred!

For a lot of my life I have lived with aches and pains, back pains mostly. A bad back, bad knees, over weight, flat feet, none of this is helpful in easing pain. Also having my son did not help my pain any. over the years I have learned to just push through it, However I am always looking out for new products to help ease my pain and make the day more bearable. 

I try to avoid taking Ibuprofen, Aleve and other pills to help with my pain just because I really try to aim for a more natural method. Something that will not be harsh on my body and possible give my liver a break!

I have found a company called Sacred. they create Hemp Oil infused products, along with essential Oils and other natural oils great for skin! These are great! I typically would turn to a certain cold/hot roll on product, but my skin has become super sensitive over the last few years and those other products make my skin feel like its on fire! But not with Sacred. They last a lot longer than those other products, and since they are primarily oil based they do not absorb into the skin as quick! Which is great, it gives you a long lasting effect and goes such a long way. Since it does not absorb as quickly, you use less product and it goes so much further!  They have quite the selection of pain relief balms and lotions

For this review I was also provided with a Salt Soak. I was provided with the Original Formula. Let me tell you. Fill your bathtub up with warm water, use half the container, and relax this stuff is incredible! I Used it in my bath before bed, and afterwards I laid down in my bed and snuggled up next to my husband and I am pretty sure I may have briefly died last night. I was so relaxed and so content with my body not being in so much pain i just slipped into a peaceful sleep. 

The ingredients on both products are super simple. Sacred tells you exactly what is each of their products. I really think that is a bonus in any company. If it has 10 thousand names I cant even pronounce I am weary of using it at all, but with sacred they keep it super simple! 

In addition to using all natural ingredients, the products are not tested on animals and all made right here in the USA! What makes this company even better is that 10% of all sales are donated to preventing and curing breast cancer! That is something special in my book!

Don't just take my word for it! Try it! go to and give it a spin! I really loved working with this company!

*This was not a paid post. My honest opinions were used, they are solely my own & they may vary from others.The products mentioned above have been provided by Hemp Sacred free of charge for this review.