Sunday, December 17, 2017

Chubby Animal Family

So this post is Special! This post will Feature my first Giveaway!! 

first let me tell you a bit about the item, and who creates it!!

 I just wanna just drop the link for  Moose Blossom right now!!
I have known the Owner of this shop for sometime now( since high school) and she has so many talents! Her Photography and her amazing skills with clay! She makes unique and adorable pieces of jewelry that are a must have in anyone's collection! she makes pieces that are for everyone! 
Rather you are looking for a gift for a kid lover, a foodie, an animal lover or a mom she has something for everyone!  
Her shop features what are called Chubby Animals! I simply love them! 

I like all things unique and home made, so naturally she was a perfect fit for my blog. We got together and she agreed to do a review and the very first giveaway on my blog. 

She made me this Adorable and totally custom Family charm!
This necklace features my family of five.

 I love this necklace, not only for its unique and adorable features, but I love how lightweight it is. It is no heavier than a normal necklace! This necklace is perfect for any mom, dad or grandparent who wants a family jewelry necklace! 

Now onto the give away!!

 We have decided we will run this contest for a month, I know it seems a bit long but we want the chance for lots of people to be one of the first to get this charm. This charm has not even hit the Moose Blossom etsy shop! 

complete each of the entry steps below and leave a comment on my blog! on January 18th a Winner will be selected, Moose Blossom will get in contact with you and you can tell her what animal you would like and how many in your family! 

Good Luck!!
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*This was not a paid post. My honest opinions were used, they are solely my own & they may vary from others.The products mentioned below have been provided by MooseBlossom for the review & giveaway free of charge.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Keep it Simple

Have you ever planned a wedding ? I am sure most of you have. My goodness it is so expensive! I know all the hype with having the dress and the tuxedo, the wonderful and magical wedding. It adds up though. Before you know it you have spent a few thousand dollars if not more! 
Whatever happened to Keeping it Simple.

My gorgeous ring that my love asked me to marry him with on valentines day started to irritate my finger. I thought it was just my ring that was having this issue. But then D2 put his on and after three days what was supposedly a sterling silver ring was now black and most certainly not sterling silver. The ones that where originally sold to us where stamped 925, but after having them sized they no longer had the 925 stamp. Walmart had screwed us. I was so not thrilled.

None the less D2 and I needed new rings. we could not have our rings irritating our fingers and they had to stand longer than 3 days. I wanted ones that where actually sterling silver. D2 needed something he knew would stand up and not damage his fingers during work. 

Thanks to a wonderful Company called Modern Gents Trading Co, they came to the rescue.
  Not only are they keeping it simple with the ring selections, they are keeping the prices simple too!
    They are not going to charge you ten thousand dollars for a set of wedding bands. 

Not only are their rings low cost they have a simple selection! I love the fact that they have a simple selection. It keeps everything much simpler. They don't have five thousand different selections so when you are looking to purchase a ring set you don't spend hours and hours debating on which ones to go with.

First off
 I should not have to Talk Them up. Their brilliantly designed site, low prices and gorgeous rings speak for themselves. 
But The point of this post is to talk them up!! So let me show you the rings we got! 

D2 got The Excalibur ring. It is a Tungsten ring, which D2 and I find that pretty important in his line of work.  it has a shiny outer layer on both sides of the ring and the it is a matted type on the outer portion of the ring. it is a very manly type ring and He loves it for his wedding band. it sits very comfortable on his finger, and it isn't too bulky. 
As far as Mine, I got the Evermore Set!
This set is so gorgeous! It is simple and elegant. It is a center stone featuring a halo around it, and a set of stones going halfway down the band on either side. The wedding band is a simple set of stones covering the top half of the band. it slides right under the halo of the engagement band! the Metal is sterling silver. it is perfect for the woman who likes it a bit flashy but nothing to over the top! 

So go ahead, check them out and consider Mod Gents when making your wedding band purchase and let them help you keep your wedding simple! 
*This was not a paid post. My honest opinions were used, they are solely my own & they may vary from others.The products mentioned below have been provided by Mod Gents Trading Co. for the review free of charge.