Monday, November 27, 2017

Harvest VoxBox

So today I am back to review another Awesome box I have recieved from Influenster!!! Jam packed with some awesome goodies!! Now not everything in this box has been reviewed yet, well only one thing.

Unfortunatley they are newer to the market and living in a smaller town I cant just run into any store and find them. The items I am talking about right now are called Middles. They are a snack food, and from my understanding is that they are the middle of the awesome treats that all have holes, so a bagel or a pretzel. They are made by Coles bread company. They have six different kinds right now, I would imagine with all of the fuss being made over these snacks that more may come our way!! I am pretty excited for the Sweet Cream Cheese filled ones!!! Hope I can find them soon!!

Now While I am Talking about food, I have to get it all out otherwise I will keep thinking about those delicious thanksgiving left overs in my fridge and I may find myself starting to graze! 
Butter, everyone uses butter of some form and if you are like me you use it quite a bit. I Love country Crock! Even when it is frozen it is easy to spread. I use it in the morning when I have my toast, I use it for greasing up the pan to cook dinner, and even in baking!! It tastes great and comes in more space efficient containers!! I was pleased to find a free butter coupon in my vox box!! 

Ok now lets stop talking food, because again I am starving!! I got a few free samples for Gain Botanicals in my voxbox as well!! So in my house I try to go a more natural route. Especially when it comes to things like Laundry Detergent. My son has eczema and almost anything will cause his skin to freak out. But now we have Gain Botanicals. it is free of dyes, phosphates, and optical brightners.... It is gentle on skin and it is USDA certified biobased! its is 65% plant based. Now my laundry smells awesome and It doesnt freak my kiddos skin out!

Next on my list here is Beauty Products. As a mom ( which I know many of you relate too) it is almost impossible to take care of your kiddos, your husband, chores and clean. Let alone if you are a working mom. Finding time to take care of you is rough. I know I work part time and I am still finding it hard to take care of me. But in this box I was introduced to some products that ROCK!!!! 
Eva NYC 10-in-1 Mane Magic Primer

So this stuff is wonderful! I wasn't even aware Hair Primer was a thing. I am in love with the way it smells, what it does to my hair, how manageable it makes my hair, and how it makes my hair about 1000 times easier to style. it has argan oil and Sunflower oil in it ( and I am all about oils.) Argan oil is loaded with all sorts of nutrients and vitamins that help to keep your hair strong and Healthy. you can pick it up at target for around 10.00 but is worth EVERY PENNY.  Normally I wont spend money on Hair products such as this but this one I had to buy. I recieved my sample size there and before it was even close to empty I grabbed one when I went to Target!

Healthy Skin, Everyone wants it right ?? I always find my skin so dry that I have about ten thousand bottles of lotion running around. I have one in each purse ( because I am notorious for switching purses and leaving stuff behind). But I am absolutely in love with this body butter. Tree hut is on of my favorites! It smells great. The one pictured below is my favorite scent of all tree huts products. it is coconut lime. you can find it almost anywhere that sells beauty products, I have purchased mine at Ulta and at Walmart. It leaves my skin nourished and soft. My dry feet and elbows are a thing of the past with this stuff!
Tree Hut Coconut Lime Body Butter
The last Item I want to tell you all about is the Vera Wang Green tea and Pear Blossom Perfume. So I am not normally all about perfumes, I do like things that smell good but I dont go out of my way to wear perfume. I am a tomboy type, so make up and perfumes are not my thing. But this stuff I am Crazy About! I love the way it smells. It is sweet and subtle. It does not knock you off your feet and even my hubby loves how it smells! Yes it is a Vera Wang Product, But it does not have a Vera Wang Price Tag. After doing my research I can get it for as little as 20.00 for a Gift Set!!
Vera Wang Green Tea and Pear Blossom
This box is Fabulous, I was so excited to get to explore the different items in it! Thanks Again Influenster for hooking this up!
*This was not a paid post. My honest opinions were used, they are solely my own & they may vary from others.The products mentioned below have been provided by Inluenster, Vera Wang, Tree Hut, Eva NYC, Coles Bread Company, Gain and Country Crock for the review free of charge.