Monday, July 17, 2017

Check your boobies!

Alright folks, this one has been a bit harder for me to get to and I have been trying how to figure out how to go about making this post without crying the whole way through. so my post is going to be short but this will probably be one of the most important posts I ever make.

she never smoked, she never drank. She always took  care of herself. she was always on the go from raising my mom and my uncle to me and my sister.She stressed but she never let on to us kids that she was stressed. she walked her dogs everyday( well almost everyday) she worked everyday up until she retired and she always managed to be home before us kids got out of school and she always had dinner on the table by the time grandpa got home from work. She bakes and cooks Delicious food ( no one, not even Italian grandmas can beat her lasagna). Hell she makes Liver and Onions taste delicious. Her and my grandfather rode Motorcycles until I was in my early twenties and yes she rode her own bike! She is the kind of Wife and mother I strive to be. I really hope one day when my kids and grand kids look back at me they think God she had one hell of a role model for her to turn out so awesome.

However on March 3 her world, along with everyone else's world got turned upside down. "your grandma has cancer." I just froze. I didn't know what to do. I just started crying. I asked my mom about 50 questions right away even though no one knew anything yet other than it was breast cancer. We waited, We did for two months. finally surgery day came and went, now she is doing chemo and she is fighting the fight. She is refusing to let this stop her. Thankfully hers was caught fairly early. but none the less it is still cancer and still needs to be fought.

Among everything that is going on I have heard her say it a bunch of times and I am going to say it here. CHECK YOUR BOOBIES.
Do not for any reason think because you are in fit physical condition, healthy as a horse that you are exempt from cancer.

even if it is just a self exam check them. if you are suspicious of something talk to your doctor. If you are 20 or 80 check them!!!! Don't just check them in October during National Breast Cancer Awareness month. Check them EVERY MONTH. Make it a habit. I once read to do the exam around the time Aunt Flo comes for a visit, and I will be brutally honest that I never did my own exam until the last few months. Now I find myself doing them at least once a week. I am not doing it because I am paranoid but because If it where to happen to me I want to be like her. I want to be on point in this. but I also want to make it a habit. I am very bad about remembering things like this. I cant even remember to take a medication if  I am supposed to.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

making the choice to choose happy.

Well hello Loves, 
so its been a little over a month now since I have joined D2 in Idaho. I am so thrilled to be here with him, to be closer to our girls and to simply have our family whole. When we lived in our Arizona I think there was always some heaviness over mine and D2's hearts especially whenever he got of the phone with the girls. Knowing we where over 1200 miles away from them and our visits would be few and far in between because of our financial status. When we made this choice to come back to D2s home town we did not make it lightly. We knew making a choice would break someones heart. it was a lose lose situation. do we break our kids hearts by not being close to them or do we break my family's heart  by not staying in Arizona. Well as you can guess we put our children first. and yes some of our choice has sucked. I miss my family. I miss my friends and we both miss our Desert Souls like no ones business. but since we have had the pleasure of spending a weekend and then a week with our kids has left our hearts so full and our minds at ease as to why we made this move. 

Someone once told me about the three C's of life.

D2 and I made a choice we took and Chance and our lives will forever change. but above all we are choosing Happy. Yes we hate the fact that we left my family, that we took x with us and that they basically have to deal with it. If we could have our way we would have both our families and kids all in the same place. 

but since we have been here we have found happy. you only get one life to live, unless you believe in reincarnation well then you have many lives to live, but you only get one like this! one with this partner, one with these kids, with this job, with these parents or whatever it be in your life. 
this is the truth. You choose what you are. are you sad? well change that shit. make yourself happy!