Saturday, April 22, 2017

Long Distance

So some update in my life... A few major things...

The first one! That is right ladies and Gentleman, on valentines day 2017 he liked it so much he put a ring on it! we set the wedding date for June 2018. 

alright onto the second thing, I am once again back in the work force! I am pretty excited to be back to working it keeps me busy, but I still Count the days. I know each one to be exact. this leads me into big news number three....

52 days.... 52 long stressful days since my best friend left. no we didnt break up, D2 took a job in his home town of northern Idaho. so its has been 52 days since he left. God do I miss him. My bed feels so empty, I am experiencing the life of a single parent... even though I am not single. Bull crap right ??? oh and my diet has been turned upside down. Because well I am used to cooking for three and now I am cooking for 1.5 and Well i usually dont eat until the boy tells me he is hungry...

ok so the best part of all of this Long Distance thing going on, Since D2 left our Son has turned into a terror. I am talking Terrible twos when he is only 18 months old. Awesome! so here I am 52 days in, with a full work load, a terrible twos terorist, a few other family things we won't get into right now, annnnnd my rock is 1,165 miles away. so in my free time while the boy sleeps I am either cleaning or I am living on pinterest or instagram. At this point this is likely my only saving grace. that and coffee. 

By the way I am really only getting one of those things. 
So anyhow it is now 53 days since dan left. I am so over it. On the upside it has passed pretty quickly. I am kind of surprised that 53 days have passed so fast!  I have to give a shout out to the people in my life who have been keeping me together even when they have lives of their own! I am so grateful for you all. to my awesome Mom, Grandma, Sister and Dad who have stepped up and helping me with X while I start gathering up all of my ducks and at least getting them back into the same pond! 
Shout out to my Best friends and my desert souls because Yall call to check on me, even keeping me busy when I know your life has its own flow! I can not thank you enough for that. 

 You guys all make this whole distance between D2 and I so much easier. Thank you guys for that! 
so anyhow those are the big things going on in my life! I know that this distance will only make D2 and I stronger. but not only that It will make our family Stronger! I can not wait to see what this new journey in life will bring us!