Wednesday, July 27, 2016

When you have a child.

       Today I find myself setting aside my adult responsibilities to enjoy my son today.
I have put all of the responsibilities of laundry and house cleaning to spend some time with Xman. It really amazes me how quickly he learns and grows.

     In twenty-one days, one hour, two minutes ( from right this minute) My sweet son will turn a year old. I did  not need any doctors to tell me what time my son was born, I couldn't tell you who the doctor was that delivered him, or what the look was on his fathers face when he got here, but I can tell you exactly where the second hand was when my dark haired, blue eyed son took his first breath. That was the day my life changed forever. It was a moment that will forever be frozen in time, and for those of you that are moms, you understand.

Now here he is weighing in at 24.2 pounds, he is into EVERYTHING. He is learning to walk, and he smiles at everything. He is very persistent at anything he does - he gets that from his father, I see it in his sisters too. * Just a side note, his two older sisters are his Half sisters. His father had two kids that were already 6 and 9 when his father and I met.

Right now he sleeps peacefully as I write this, which I might add is a very rare thing with this little man.  But seeing how his tiny mouth smiles in his sleep makes my heart explode. There is so much love that I have for this sweet boy. this makes me think of a Reba McEntire song, "When you have a child." This little boy has made me really question my priorities and made me slow down just a little more so I can enjoy him. Things change when you have a child.

When you have a child lyrics

This song is worth the listen.