Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Grandparents are always a reason to celebrate!

This post is a few days late for grandparents day, but why just one day. If you where not aware about grandparents day it is a day just like mothers day or dads day but for grandma and grandpa! While we dont really celebrate it, I love the idea of it! I have a very close relationship with my grandparents. Especially my moms parents. They are like a second mom and dad to me.

this month candlewick press has sent me and my small human a collection of books in celebration of grandma and grandpa.

I will start with my Favorite one, which happens to be called  Our Favorite Day. The day to day routine can be pretty regular. We all have routine. This grandpa is no different from us. Except thursday. Thursday is a special day because while he follows his routine of morning tea, his day deviates slightly when he gets his normal lunch order, but doubled and to go home. In the afternoon his granddaughter arrives. They eat, they craft they laugh and this is their favorite day.

The next one on this list of books about grandparents is My Grandma and Me. This book tells you all about the day to day adventures of a young girl and the grandma that she idolizes so much. She does everything with her. She prays with her, she eats with her. This book is a wonderful book and I think I was so fond of this one because it reminds me of how my grandma helped to shape me. She is the reason I have such a close bond with God, the reason I know how to cook and the reason for so much else. This book is really a wonderful book for grandmas and granddaughters to read together!

Around the Table that Granddad Built is the third book on this list. This book covers traditions, and family history. This book starts all with a table that granddad built, and goes to the history of the glassware , and silverware, and last but not least the cooking that seems to be an annual tradition for this family! I love this one because traditions are so important to me. I love teaching my children some of my family traditions that we do every year. These are things that I hope one day down the line they will teach their kids.

The last book in this collection I saved for last because well honestly it made me cry. While I am sure hormones of pregnancy had a strong role in aiding the tears, Grandpa's Top Threes subtly covers topics such as the aging of our elders and even the passing. Grandpa is busying himself, and Henry is talking trying to bond with grandpa when finally he asks grandpa about his top three sandwiches. That just sparks it, and leads to grandpa asking Henry about certain top threes. I wont say much more on this book for I fear if I do I will just give it away, This book reminds us all that our elders should be treasured!

Thursday, August 22, 2019

National Rainbow Baby Day!!

A day to celebrate, a day to reflect and a day to grieve together. National Rainbow Baby Day, this day is a day for families to celebrate their babies on earth and to honor the ones that are waiting for them in the great beyond. 

This subject is a sensitive one for me. As I am sure is the case for anyone who has ever lost a baby.
For those of you who have no idea what a rainbow baby is, let me bring you up to speed. A Rainbow Baby is the birth of a baby that comes after the miscarriage, stillbirth or loss of an infant from natural causes. I have had to say goodbye to a child before I even got to meet that child, and I have a rainbow baby. And in February next year we will welcome our second Rainbow Baby. So today my heart breaks and rejoices all at once. I will always long to hold the baby I did not get to. I wonder who he or she would be today. But then I rejoice and trust in God. I celebrate my sweet and chaotic four year old little boy, the baby I get to hold and sing to. Today I remember that it is a day for me to look back and thank god for this precious gift he has trusted me with. The one that will join our family.

So today is a day of remembrance, and joyous celebration. To remind ourselves that we have a precious angel above us and ones here with us! Tonight as you Kiss your babies goodnight hold them tight and say a prayer for the babies that came before. 

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Salted Honey is rocking your taste buds!!

Bushwick Kitchen is changing the game when it come to honey... Salted Honey... Yes you read that... Not salted caramel but salted honey! I love honey and will use it in almost anything, from cooking and baking down to my tea and topping on food. But Salted Honey really changes the game. It brings  out flavors in foods you did not think could have that kind of flavor. Add it while you are frying up chicken with a bit of lime juice or drizzle it on your toast and I promise you will not regret it! 

So I did a few different things with this honey and I wanted to share each one with you. 

So for breakfast I love eggs, toast and Sausage. I am not huge jam or jelly fan so I usually opt for honey. Simple Buttered toast drizzled with honey will change your breakfast on so many levels! 

 In an attempt to eat a bit healthier I opted for a lunch of chicken wrap and greek yogurt, mixed with honey and granola! This is a different spin on plain yogurt. Instead of the normal sugar packet I put in the yogurt, it gives it just the right mix of salty and sweet. 
With Saving the best for last an Apple Puff Pastry dessert for the best flavor event!!
What you will need : 
All Purpose Flour
Egg Wash
Cane Sugar

1. Preheat your oven to 425°F 

2. spread a thin layer of all purpose flour on a flat surface

3. Lay out your thawed Puff pasty

4. gently blend in the edges where the pastry was folded.
You want one solid piece of pasty.

5. you will then cut slices on each side of the pasty
about 3/4 inch apart. slightly at an angle. this will allow
you to braid your pasty and keep all of the pie filling in.
Be sure you are leaving the center of the pastry uncut. 

6. down the center you lay your Apple filling down.  
1/2 a can will make one pastry. 

7. alternating sides you will braid the pastry. 
ex. left right left right one piece at a time. 
you will cross one piece at a time. 

8. once your braid is complete you will 
brush lightly with your egg wash. 

9. after you brush with your egg wash you 
will sprinkle your pastry with can sugar. 

10. bake at 425°F for 10-12 minutes. 
you want the pastry to be a golden brown. 

Serve While hot and Drizzle with Salted Honey!!

** I am not paid for you to click any links, they are simply there for your convenience. Bushwick Kitchen did not pay me for this post, they did provide the salted honey to me free of charge for my honest and unbiased opinions! 

Candlewick Press in the month of may

Candlewick Press has sent me a new batch of books for all of my kiddos to check out! As per normal we were captivated with all of them! From Waiting for Chicken Smith to The Good Son!

Below you will find our thoughts and the basic run down of each book!

Lets start with Sea Glass Summer and The Good Son.
The Good Son 

The Good Son is not a book for kids under a certain age. It has subjects such as imprisonment, war and death. While the pictures are of miniatures it is still fairly graphic.

The Good Son takes place at Christmas time in 1914, a french soldier went home for a few days to spend Christmas with his mom, and now he is facing the death penalty for leaving his command. This books is good for helping kids to understand the harsh realities of war in a simple way. However I really recommend this book for a much older generation. This is not a book that will be kept amid my sons book collection! 

Sea Glass Summer

Sea Glass Summer is about a young boy who is spending the summer with his grandmother and as he searches the beach for seashells and unique items he finds pieces of Sea Glass. As Thomas drifts off to dream land he dreams of what the piece of Sea Glass's Story might be!

This one my son did not have much of an interest in, however my middle daughter was captivated by it and it left her wanting to search for a piece of sea glass of her own and wonder what story it might tell!

Bears Book

Bear finds himself needing a new story to read. So what better idea than to write his own story! Stumped by writers block he thinks and thinks, he does everything in his power to try and clear up his writers block. Only to find he still feels like he has no story of great adventure. Then he strikes upon inspiration and finds himself unable to stop writing. Finally he has a story! This book even includes a copy of bears Book! This one is great for toddlers and those learning to read! A must!

How To Take Care of Your Dinosaur

This book has a cute twist on how to care for your pet, by caring for your new dinosaur! My son loved this one as he loves Dinosaurs! If you are looking to add a new pet to the family I would recommend this as a book for your little ones too!

Waiting for Chicken Smith

While waiting for his vacation friend, the one he has seen year after year, he finds himself on an adventure with his sister. This book is a good one because even while you are waiting for one thing you never know what can happen! So keep your mind open and the possibilities are endless!

You can find all of these great books at Barnes and Noble

I am not partnered with Barnes and Noble so I will not receive a profit for you clicking the link! I was not paid for my thoughts and opinions. Candlewick Press did provide us with the books free of charge!

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Moms Day meets Frankie and Myrrh

Moms Day is so close! With less than a week to go what do you get for this wonderful mom. It does not have to be the woman who gave you life. Grandma, Aunt, Sister whoever! A spa sounds great! But here comes the question, How can I give her a day of rest and relaxation without breaking the bank?

Frankie and Myrrh has a line of essential oil blends for almost any occasion, and recently I have been testing two of them! They are great! So the names are so down to earth and well if you are offended easily, you will have to just work past that because you are missing out! They have ones for sleep, focus, calming and just all around good smelling! I was sent Hottie By Nature and Spray The Bitch Away. I will start with Spray The Bitch away and Hottie By Nature and then we will break down how we can give mom a spa day at home ( or if your mom / mom figure is like me and have kids who refuse to leave them alone) or at a hotel and how you can do this without breaking the bank!!

So Spray the Bitch Away... lets get down to it! My kids drive me crazy!! I love them more than life itself but some days I need them to just back up  and let me have a few minutes. Having anxiety certainly does not help! So this will help break the tension and give the over all calming sensation that you need to establish a good spa day! Spray like you would an air freshener, breath in deep and exhale! A mix of rose geranium and clary sage, lavender, frankincense, and bergamot are going to calm you down, get rid of the bitchy nature and just relax! So help mom take a chill pill!

Next on this spa day adventure, Hottie By Nature. This scent is the really fun one. A blend of earth and citrus it makes it impossible to not be relaxed and upbeat with it! This scent has Rosewood, Orange, Tangerine, Lavender and Vanilla essential oils! It smells like orange creamsicles. This one will keep mom upbeat and remind her that even though she is a mom, she is still a woman. She needs to be reminded that she is still a person outside of cooking, cleaning,, and working!

Also forget the candle for the spa day, get mom a diffuser, Frankie and Myrrh has them for not just at home, but the car too.... and Heaven knows the car is where my kids drive me the craziest. Hup too!! The race is on!! Get mom everything she needs this Mothers Day!

**Frankie and Myrrh provided me these two sprays free of charge, in exchange for my honest opinion! I do not make any money off of any of these links or for this post! I included the links for you to find the products easily!!!**

Sunday, April 14, 2019

April's Picture Books from Candlewick Press

So this month Working Through Life's Glitches is featuring Four books from Candlewick Press!

✵ Baby Moon
✵Mr. Posey's New Glasses
✵A Piglet Named Mercy
✵A New Home

So lets start with the break down of Baby Moon. This one would be a great gift for expecting parents. Now days when you hear baby moon you think about a vacation that parents take just before baby is born. But that  is not where it started. A baby moon is actually right after a baby is born. It is when you shut the world out and just enjoy your time being a new mommy and daddy and having a new baby. It is actually just being present in the moment with one another. That crucial bonding time! This book shows that importance of a baby moon and how wonderful it really can be! 

Mr. Posey's New Glasses is a book about an adventure that a gentleman and his neighborhood friend take an adventure in an attempt to get a brighter outlook on the world with a new set of glasses. When in reality all Mr. Posey needed was to just view the situation from a different angle. This book is really something both the young and old need to read at least once! We all need a little reminder that if we look at it from a different angle we don't really need a new something, but maybe just brush up what we have and learn to see it differently! This one is the small humans favorite! He is always reading it! 

A Piglet Named Mercy is about a little piglet who turns Mr and Mrs Watson's ordinary life into something out of the Ordinary! Isn't it wonderful that something so small can make a change so big!
 A New Home. The last book is perfect for kids who are getting ready to move and not quite sure how to deal with the transition. I know when we moved at the beginning of the year it was chaos. X is still calling the house we are in New House. This book is about a boy living in NYC and getting ready to move to Mexico City and a little girl who lives in Mexico City and bracing for a move to NYC. I think it helps kids understand that moving is not bad and change is a good thing and that no matter where they go, that they will overcome and adapt!

You can purchase any of these titles on Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

** these books where provided to us free of charge from Candlewick press and we are not making money from this post! We just cant hold back how we feel about these books! So go check them out!! **

JellyCAP is changing the game on water bottles

Yes you read right! JellyCAP is changing the game on how we teach our little ones to drink from a water bottle or sports drink! No more giant messes, and it can also work with a straw too!! My little man loves them! We are starting the transition from a sippy cup to a plain old bottle. I am getting tired of hunting for a cup when I need one. Yes this game of oh where oh where can the sippy cup be is a widely played game! Buying them is getting old, D2 and myself are super picky when it comes to what cup we buy the small human and we can spend at least thirty minutes in the cup aisle at walmart debating which one is best. Lastly it never fails I always forget to grab a cup for him when we leave the house! Especially when we take the 4 hour trip to see the girls! Its exhausting! With JellyCAP I always just have one in my purse!

Now keep in mind the super soft cap is great on developing teeth, so it will protect them from biting down on the mouth of the actual bottle! JellyCAP is not leak proof but it will reduce the mess. JellyCAP is revolutionizing the way our kids gain independence a few drops at a time! These caps can work on both standard mouth size and wide mouth size bottles ( such as a Gatorade or powerade bottle). I do not have the wide mouth bottle so sadly I do not have a photo of it. However what you do is you flip it upside down and then insert a straw! JellyCAP is Patented, BPA free and made right here in the USA.

So just where do you get these awesome JellyCAPS? Amazon of course!

** JellyCAP was provided to me and my small human free of charge, Neither of us or this blog received and kind of financial exchange for the honest opinion expressed above! We will not receive and money for you clicking a link! I put them there for you to find the company's site and where to buy super easy! **