Saturday, June 16, 2018

DaffaDoot Crib Wedge


DaffaDoot Baby Reflux Wedge Pillow. For babies who frequently 
suffer from reflux or dramatically spit-up. It's a safe, sound baby 
reflux treatment which gently elevates the baby's head and torso
 to help alleviate discomfort due to frequent stomach acid or frequent 
spitting up. Happy baby equals happy parents!

What makes the DaffaDoot Reflux Wedge Pillow special:
Many wedges are "foldable", which means that it's actually two smaller
 wedge pieces held together by a cover. In other words, it is split and 
can "gap" under baby. Foldable wedges are marketed as "convenient to
 store"... but this feature degrades its performance. It's better to have a 
wedge which focuses on performance instead of focusing on easy storage. 
Foldable wedges, since they are in multiple pieces, are also more likely to
 shift around. Our wedge is a single, stable, correctly sized piece with a 
non-skid bottom and a hypoallergenic, waterproof casing. The zipper is 
at the back of the wedge (to keep it well away from baby) and our foam 
is the perfect firmness (not too soft, not too hard). It meets and exceeds
 federal safety regulations. These regulations dictate that the wedge must
 extend the entire width of the crib mattress (27"). Anything else is not snug 
enough.We are using an eco-friendly zippered bag to package our wedge. 
This can be used to store your wedge in later, or as a blanket bag today.


DaffaDoot is all about family values, and we are on a mission to improve the
 lives of everyone we can reach. We are a Mother/Daughter team, and 
proudly donate our time and money to numerous organizations supporting
 pregnant moms-to-be, new parents, battered women, and school age 
children. We are insanely committed to providing the best customer 
service on the planet and delivering only the highest quality products available.

Happy Times! DaffaDoot Brings It!

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Monday, June 11, 2018

Summer is here and the kids need something to do!

Yes summer break has arrived and the kids are driving you crazy! Mom I am bored, lets do something! But what ?? So as many of you know this struggle, you need a game plan. Okay now that you have established you need a game plan, what is this game plan ?? If you are anywhere in the Washington, Idaho and even Oregon area make a game plan for Spokane. Why Spokane  you ask?  aside from the culture, the sights the gorgeous waterfalls, what else could be there ? Nestled above the Spokane Falls, and across from Riverfront park is Mobius Science Center and Childrens Museum. There are two different locations, Mobius Science center is right above the falls in its own location on Post Street. Where as Mobius Children's Museum is located inside of the mall! Both the science center and the museum are fun for the entire family! I mean the entire family! We had the opportunity to visit both last week with my myself, D2, the smallest human and my Dad and little sister too!

I am going to start with my review of the Children's Museum. The children's Museum is geared towards the younger children. It if filled with Fun Colors, activities, and is geared to stimulate a child's learning and imagination! With everything from the water table and Bubble room  to the small race track and Dress Up! Camping and Grocery Shopping in between! My personal Favorite Part of Children's Museum was the Bubble Room! They have a few water tables in there filled with the perfect combination of Soapy water to make GIANT Bubbles! the small human loved it! So did his dad. I think this was a favorite of many of the kids there. Again this is geared towards children ages 0  to 8 so If you have older kids be sure to check out the science museum as well! After we where done exploring here, I spoke with the gals working the front desk and they where such a huge help on information! If you have a child who is Autistic this is the place to be! in fact if you have special needs you can even call and work with the Mobius coordinator and they are
willing to work with you on scheduling a time when there are not so many people so that your child will not become over whelmed! Having a great in depth experience with children who land on the Autism scale, I know that a bunch of people can tend to trigger a meltdown. They also have Tons of activities throughout each month aside from the day to day routine! including toddler and me classes and summer camp programs! 

  Next up is the Science Center! So of the two this was by far our favorite! But it may have something to do with the fact that our entire family really loves science! The science center is geared towards older kids and adults. focusing on math and sciences. They had several exhibits all hands on and so much fun! We played with Slime, We raced different types of materials such as steel, wood, carbon fiber. We learned how electricity is produced and distributed. We also learned about money and how its made, how to spot counterfeit bills. We even got to design and build our own noodle building! We got to play with static electricity too! That was fun! From Slime to money, this is hands down going to be our Spokane go to! Again this is fun for the entire family! my dad who is in his 50s to our two year old, Had a blast at both the museum and science center! Me and D2 are already talking about an annual membership!

You can host a birthday party or just any party at either location!
 You can check out their Prices Here! Science Center Children's Museum

So what are you waiting for ?? If you are in this area go and check them out! Oh also if you are not from the area, go make a weekend of it! If you are staying the night in Spokane show your hotel key card for a discount! Both the museum and Science center is a place you will love!

** Please note that Mobius facilitated this review. We were admitted to both the Science Center and Museum free of charge, however this did not influence my review. My review is my honest and unbiased opinion! I always encourage my readers to try everything for themselves!**

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Dr Jacobs Naturals

I am super picky when it comes to soaps. The small human has eczema and I swear even talking about it will cause it to flare up on him. Even though we have found a soap to use on him, we still have to pretty careful one what we use. We try use as natural of products as we can. I rarely wear perfumes and me and D2 try not use body washes filled with a ton of harsh chemicals. So when the opportunity to try Dr. Jacobs Naturals I jumped on it! I have heard castile soaps are the way to go when you deal with eczema.. Dr. Jacobs uses essential oils, no artificial dyes or coloring. Non GMO, Gluten Free, Paraben Free, Sulfate Free, and they do not use Palm Oil. Their soaps are so versatile too! You can use them as a body wash, a shampoo and conditioner and they are non greasy so you can use it on your face without clogging your pores! If you suffer from acne this is a god send!

The Products that where sent to me for review I am in love with! They have subtle scents, but it smells so good! I have always favored almond honey scents, but out of the three scents that where sent to me, I have to say the rose loofah bar is my favorite. There is something about their rose scent that I am just in love with! I have yet to use it on my son but I will let you know when I do. I do know that when I use it the contact I have with the small human does not have any reactions from it!

I highly recommend Dr Jacobs and their products! You can buy direct from Dr. Jacobs. Go check them out!

** Dr. Jacobs partnered with US Family Guide to provide me with these products free of charge to facilitate the review. This does not influence my honest and unbiased opinions! **


We all know reading to our kids is vital! Reading to our kids has been proven to stimulate their imagination, expand their understanding of the world around them. It helps them to learn language and listening skills. But reading with your kids goes beyond learning. Sitting down with your kids gives you bonding time. This is a time when you stop your crazy day, you curl up together and you read. I love this time with my son. He is at that age right now where he does not sit still for to long, he wants to turn all the pages before I am done reading the first 3 sentences and he wants me to tell him what everything on the page is. However that is okay. He is learning and I am teaching him. Being a former Pre K teacher, this is one thing I love. I am taking my passion of teaching and I get to do it with my baby boy!

With Bookroo you get to invest in your kids! Bookroo Works with twelve families that reside on Stanford Universities Campus, where at least one of the spouses is pursuing a graduate degree and of course they must be parents. With the help of twenty-two kids ages ranging from zero to five years old, these parents and children provide feedback on each book they are provided with. Each book is vetted to insure that it is perfect for your little reader!

When Bookroo agreed to do a review with me I was super excited. The small human was even more excited when we got it! Each book was individually wrapped in adorable wrapping paper, so it was like christmas and he was super excited about that! He got two books, Wally does not want a hair cut and the Red Boat.

Wally Does Not Want A Haircut by Amanda Driscoll, is about a ewe who is afraid to get his hair cut! Let me tell you, this was a great read because getting a certain young mans hair cut is usually a nightmare. Mostly in part because we use an electric razor and I am almost 100% sure its the sound. This book is about facing your fears and how everyone around you can help to overcome those fears.

The Red Boat by Hannah Cumming is about a young girl that moves to a new home. I think that no matter what age you are, moving can be terrifying. I know that all too well.  A year ago me and D2 made the life changing choice to move to Idaho so that we could be closer to our daughters. For D2 this was almost nothing, he would be moving back to his home town. for me this was terrifying. I was moving 1400 miles away from my ENTIRE family and my friends. Even to this day it is rough. I am however learning to overcome and adapt. Just like Posey and her dog George. This book is like the first, where you must learn to overcome your fears. When you do this you will find it gets easier! This book also encourages imagination and play.

I loved both of the books, but Mr Mans favorite is the red boat. I read it to him and then he made daddy read it to him a little bit later!

After having this experience we will most certainly be doing a subscription! When you get the subscription you can choose between two and three books to be delivered, depending upon age. You can choose from Board Books, which comes with three books for ages zero to three. Picture books which come with two books ages two to six and chapter books that will come with two books for ages seven to ten! You may purchase this for your kids or as a gift!

I love the idea of a book subscription as a gift! This would make an excellent baby shower gift or first birthday gift! When I had my baby shower for mr. Man I asked for books in lieu of cards. I have noticed this is becoming more and more of a trend! This would make the perfect gift for any little one in your life!

** Bookroo did provide this box free of charge for me to facilitate this review. This does not in any influence my opinion. These are my true and honest opinion.**

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Tweexy saves the day!

How many times have you sat down to paint your nails or toes and and you have found yourself with not enough hands, and you spill your nail polish bottle ? Heaven knows my carpets, sheets and many other items have been permanently scared with nail polish! I know I know I could paint my nails at a table or set my bottle of nail polish on a more sturdy surface, but ladies you all know this is not a reality. The more you set down and pick up that bottle the more you risk screwing up your nails! So what fixes that?? Tweexy! Oh yea a wearable nail polish holder! I have got to say, this thing is a must have in all of your nail polish bags! My bed sheets are saved! My manicure looks awesome! it no bigger than the palm of my hand so it is small enough to fit in my bag! it is a silicone that is thick and makes it super sturdy! However it is still flexible enough to accommodate all bottles of nail polish! I am a huge fan of the LA Colors color last. its a medium square bottle so you would think it would not hold it, but it actually holds it very well! It is comfortable to wear and has these nifty tabs on the rings so you can remove it easy once you are done!

So why waste anymore precious nail polish, save your sheets and carpets! Get Tweexy! 

Now go check out 

Enter to win one here! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

**Please note that I was provided with the Tweexy Nail polish holder free of charge, However this does not influence my honest and true opinion. Tweexy is providing a second Nail Polish holder free of charge to one lucky winner and they will receive it from tweexy!**

Monday, May 21, 2018

AromaBox Essential oils

As many of you know I am obsessed with essential oils! Recently I came across this little company company called Herb Stop based in Pine,  Arizona! Yes a company based in my home state, I was super excited by that fact alone! Then they won my heart by having a monthly subscription of essential oils! SWEET!!!! The Aroma Box consists of 4 different oils, three regular oils and one roll on oil! Each month brings you something new and along with each box you receive a pamphlet explaining each oils origin, what part of the plant was used, hw it was extracted and rather or not it has a food chemical codex! It also includes their price for a full size bottle is and what the size of the full size bottle is! It also includes an aromatherapy tip for each oil, and two different tips from Leilah and Natalie on each oil! 

a little bit about Leilah and Natalie
Leilah is a swiss pharma assistant and a master herbalist! She founded Herb Stop in 1992 and in 2002 Natalie another master herbalist joined Leilah. Together they both have worked hard to create a superior line of over 2500 herbal products! They insist that all of their ingredients come from reliable and ethical sources! Together they have received numerous awards and recognition for their hard work. They also work so hard to donate and give back to the community of  Pine, and the surrounding communities! Giving back and making donations to PETA, PAWS, the Pine Strawberry Fire Dept. and many others! If you want to read all about Herb Stop and Leilah and Natalie click here!

Now down to the oils that I received in "The Beauty" Aroma Box

I received Lemon Essential oil
Oakmoss Essential oil 
Rose Geranium Essential oil 
The Beauty Roll on

I will start with  the lemon essential oil 

So lemon is pretty much a must in any essential oil kit! if you go and look on pinterest I am willing to bet right away you will find at least 5 essential oil recipes that you need lemon for! I love the lemon smell! I use it when I make sanitizing spray. In my air freshner spray, in my diffuser every where! Lemon has a ton of uses but one of its huge uses is to help ditch Cellulite! oh yes, I use it on my legs all the time! You can make a shower scrub with it by mixing it with a carrier oil and some coffee grounds! 
  All Purpose Cleaner
2 drops of lemon
3 drops of tea tree oil 
a mixture of vinegar and water
put into a spray bottle and spray on counter tops to disinfectant!

OakMoss in Organic Golden Jojoba Oil
So this one was a new one to me! I was not aware you could take moss and make an oil of it! But man does it smell good! it has a really musky scent to it, not in a bad way! it can be very intoxicating. This is something that would be used in a perfume, it can be very powerful though so if you plan on diffusing it start with only one drop! A little goes such a long way! This is rich in antiseptic properties can also help relieve symptoms of an asthma attack and coughs. 

Oakmoss & Grapefruit Beard oil - I made some up for my husband and he loves it

Argan Oil
2 drops of OakMoss 
5 drops of grapefruit
 Mix together and apply in beard to maintain Skin and Beard Hair health and help maintain beard hair as a styling agent! 

Rose Geranium 
This one has such a sexy scent. its light and floral rose geranium has several uses itself! it can be used for dry and oily skin, broken capillaries and it has a balancing effect on emotions. Great for women during that time! Lord knows my mood swings could use some help! If you plan on diffusing this you can use it by itself or with others such as sandlewood! 

Tick Repellent - with camping season in full swing this is great! 
4 Tbsp of Almond Oil
2 Tbsp Aloe Vera Gel
30 Drops Rose Geranium 
Dab it on the nape of your neck, behind your ears, behind your knees and around your belly button. you can also spray it on your clothes and this is safe for use on your dogs too! 

The Beauty Roll on
This is for those looking to accept more beauty into their lives, and hey who can't use just a little more beauty right ? The carefuly selected oils in this blend are known to be uplifting and titillating with its unique sweet and mysterious scents. Use this roll on when getting ready for date night or just when looking to expand the beauty in your life! So I do have to warn with this, use sparingly! It can be overpowering if you use to much! But it does have a calming scent to it! 

So with this I really have to say that Herb Stop's Aroma Box has won my heart! It is a ow 24.95 a month and if you know anything about Essential Oils, this is a steal! So what are you waiting for! Go order June's Box now! 

go check out Herb Stop on Facebook and Instagram

*This Aroma Box was Provided by Herb Stop free of charge in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinions. I was not compensated money wise for this review! **