Tuesday, March 19, 2019

I want my hat back!

Candlewick press has sent me a book and my little man loves it!

I want my hat back! This book is great for the younger kids and the young at heart! This book makes you laugh and giggle while this bear searches for his missing hat. He takes the time to interview each character searching for his hat until he finds it. It will make you laugh and is a simple read for the little ones! It is truly a great beginner book for your smaller ones learning to read!

I would check out the book here and get it for your families book collection!

* by clicking the link above I will not make any money! I simply included it so you could find where to purchase it easily. I was not paid for this review however the book was provided to me free of charge to facilitate my review.

Watch Ya Mouth

Do you remember when you went to the dentist and they always try to talk to you while they have their hand in your mouth? Always so awkward trying to talk back to them! Now that I think back to those visits, I always get a laugh of how weird things sounded. But I love it. So now they have turned it into a game!

Watch ya Mouth is such an exciting and Hilarious Game!
You get together in teams and you take turns saying phrases with a cheek separator and get points! It is  blast! Spend hours laughing! We had an absolute blast, so much so even our littlest one wanted to get in on the fun! This is a game I recommend for the whole family! They have all sorts of versions. You have to check them out an get your family a game! Worth every belly laugh!

** Watch Ya Mouth was provided to me free of charge in order to facilitate my review.  I was not paid for my honest and true opinions. **

Sunday, March 3, 2019

March Giveaway!

I want to Celebrate you this month! My followers have been so amazing! Sharing and tweeting, likes and love! This one is for you! I Am launching two give aways, one for men and one for women!

I will pick two winners

a Rafflecopter giveaway

January Herb Stop

 So I didn't actually get this box until February because of the move, and of course I need time to use the oils and find where I like them best. But Herb stop really knows how to keep me calm, cool and collected with their fine oils!

So first I will introduce the oils individually and then let you in on a great oil pulling mix and a lotion mix!

Eucalyptus Radiata- also known as the narrow leaf eucalyptus has been used for various issues, such as respiratory issues, sinus problems and skin problems. It is really great for muscle rubs and joint relieving formulas. This one has a food chemical codex ( however always seek a doctors opinion before ingesting it!) This one however should be avoided for use in children under 10 and those who have liver and gallbladder issues.

Myrrh- This too has a food chemical codex. This is one that is smokey and warm. This one has uses that have dated back to biblical times. it is used as an anointing oil, but its uses are so much greater. Mixed with frankincense, sandalwood or rosewood in a diffuser will bring the outside in! I loved blending it with frankincense and orange. It brought such a calming and relaxing yet invigorating scent! Perfect on the days you just wanna go enjoy the outdoors but can't because there is like 12 inches of snow out there! Be sure to  not use this one when pregnant nursing or near small children.

Vetivert- this oil is known as the oil of tranquility. Great for emotional balance and grounding the mind and body! This one can be very strong so be careful when using it in blends. be sure you are adding it drop by drop! This one lacks a food chemical codex so do not ingest!

The secure roll on- a blend of Ho Wood, Tangerine, Texas Cedarwood, and atlas cedarwood in pure organic golden jojoba oil. Promoting Strength, relaxation and enjoyment. Perfect for meditation!

So lets get down to the fun stuff! How did I use these oils. So finding different things to do online with these oils is not the easiest!

 You can use a combo of these oils to get a good massage oil or lotion

I went with vetivert and eucalyptus radiata  mixed with some cetaphil. calming and balancing helps boost my mood and keep me good to go!

Oil Pulling is great for promoting gum health, killing off bacteria and fighting bad breath. Use 4 drops of myrrhm 2 drops of peppermint and 4 oz of coconut oil swish in your mouth for 20 minutes. When you are done spit it in to your trash can, spitting it into you sink could result in oil clogging your sink!

** This box was provided by Herb stop free of charge to facilitate this review! I will not receive any compensation if you click the links within this post!

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Smile Reader gives you a reason to smile while TTC

UGH TTC is so complicated. There is so much to learn and it just does not seem like you can learn enough! however recently I was asked to do a review on a Ovulation Kit and its name is more than enough reason to smile!

Smile Reader is so simple to use! You download the app on your phone, take the test and snap a photo! The app tracks everything for you! It does not track just your LH either! You can track your BBT and your periods! It also has a neat feature that if your partner has the app too it will let them know when you are ovulating as well! The app is so easy to navigate and it just make TTC a bit simpler!
I have not gotten to use it much yet but it really is making our journey so much easier! It tells me when it is time to take my next text and the in depth instructions tells me down to what time of day I should test!

you can get yours on Amazon 

You can also check out the free starter kit here!

Wishing you lots of baby dust!

** please note that this product was provided by Smile reader through BSM Media free of charge in exchange for my honest opinions. I was not paid to add a link in either! I added simply to make your life easier in finding the product for yourself!

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

all the fun of making a baby

I know that title sounded like something else, but hey it caught your attention right ? Anyhow so my blog is going to take a turn here, Lately D2 and I have decided it is time to add a new addition to our family. Yes ladies and Gentleman, we want another baby, but it is not that easy. A lot of families today, mine included have a hard time just having a baby. 

According to the CDC around 12% of women ( regardless of marital status) struggle with infertility. But women are not the only ones. about 8% of infertility is among men. 

So in our case, we know why we are struggling to get pregnant. If I have not said it before, I have PCOS. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. There is so much to PCOS that it would make your head spin. If you do not have it and you are not a medical professional you would not believe everything that accompany it. anyhow but this post is not about me or my PCOS, this post is meant to kick off our baby journey and hopefully help some other women who are just beginning their baby journey! 

The most intimidating thing that I have encountered so far is the acronyms. There are sooooo many of them and half of them I have no idea what they are. So I want to kick this baby journey off with a guide to terms and Acronyms. 

TTC -  Trying to conceive. This is a basic one you will see a lot. especially in mommy and TTC groups, threads and subreddits

AF- some of you are already familiar with this term, Aunt Flow. This should not need explanation.

BBT - Basal Body Temp. you will use to track your body temp to predict when you will ovulate. There is a difference between a standard thermometer and a BBT Thermometer. You also have to be very strict when tracking your BBT and do everything to a T otherwise it could throw you off. 

BC or BCP- Birth Control or Birth Control Pill. 

BD- Baby Dance, or in simple terms sex with the intent of conception. 

BFN- Big Fat Negative. This is regarding a pregnancy test 

BFP- Big Fat Positive. This means you have a positive pregnancy test! 

CD-  Cycle Day 

CM - Cervical Mucus 

CP- Chemical Pregnancy ( A very early Miscarriage before the fifth week ) 

DPO- Days Past Ovulation 

EWCM- Egg White Cervical Mucus- If you are TTC you know that you actually have to examine your CM. This is the most fertile CM. You want this! 

FSH- Follicle Stimulating Hormone. 

FMU- first morning urine. This is the best time to test is with your FMU 

FP- Follicular Phase.

HPT- Home Pregnancy Test 

HcG- Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. Hormone detected by pregnancy tests.

IUI- Intra- Uterine Isemination, 

IVF- In Vitro Fertilization. this is the process of extracting eggs, and introducing the two together manually and then placing them inside of a uterus.

LH- Luteinizing hormone. An acute rise of this hormone triggers ovulation. 

LMP- Last Menstrual Period. This is the first day of your last period. 

LP- Luteal Phase. This is the second half of your cycle. This starts after ovulation and ends when you get your next period. 

LPD- this is where your body releases progesterone and the lining of your uterus grows. 

MC- Miscarriage 

MFI- Male Factor Infertility 

NTNP- not trying but not preventing 

O- the big O, no not  orgasm, but Ovulation! 

OPK- Ovulation Prediction Kit. This measures your Luteinizing Hormone which typically surges about one day before ovulation. 

RE- Reproductive Endocrinologist 

SA- Semen Analysis 

TWW- Two Week Wait. This is the grueling two weeks between when you ovulate and when you can take a pregnancy test! 

Alright if I missed anything let me know! I will be happy to edit it.

Tell me about your baby journey and keep posted here as we embark on our baby journey!

Wishing you best of luck and lots of sticky baby dust!

Sunday, January 27, 2019

A little late in the game but Happy 2019

Here we are almost through the first month of 2019 and man oh man has it been a busy one. I do not know about you, but it has been for me. Moving, getting settled into work, planning our next trip to see our girls and so much more.

I have found myself busier than ever with work. I am still with the same wonderful company that I have been with, but now I am commuting 1.5 hours a day, and I have been training in new areas to myself of my job. It has been challenging, but I enjoy it. I Have been learning how to work with the machines at the cleaners! But finding a balance to spend time with my family, and work and then fitting in my blog has been rough. I am finally finding the right groove and getting back on track!

Moving, So recently we found our selves with some serious damages in our prior apartment, all out of our control and the owner wanted possession of the property to repair the damages. thus giving us thirty day notice to relocate. So we found a place in three weeks and moved in by the first of January. So here we are finally getting all settled in! I have finally found the time to get to sit down and work on my blog.

So my loyal readers, I would like to start the New Year off right and on a much better foot!
As we work through lifes glitches what would you like to see featured on my blog? It can be almost anything, I will not talk politics and current social issues. Please keep in mind this is a family based blog, So we can talk kids and anything else. Have a specific product or company you would like real world experiences to be talked about?? drop your suggestions below and lets get the ball rolling!

I hope 2019 brings about all you could hope and dream for!