Sunday, September 23, 2018

Winc Wine

After everyone has been fed, the dishes are all done and the lunches have been made, it is time for mama to unwind! 

What better way then with wine that I do not have to go to the store to get! Oh yea, this wine shows up right to my door, I can choose up to four different wines from the selection that Winc has to offer! For this box I selected more fruity wines. I have only had a chance to try two of them so far. 

 I have never had a rose so I was super excited about this one! The Loves Me Not Rose is a sweet and fruity rose. It has hints of Guava, Pineapple, Peach Ring and Mandarin Orange! To top these fruity tastes it has a bit of an earthy taste as well.  It pairs well with Thai, Sushi and Chinese. Best served chilled, but this is absolutely delicious! I personally Love this one all on its own! This is something I come home and just have a glass of. I think this would make a good dessert wine! 

The next one I tried is the Debts and lessons. It is a dry Riesling. It too pairs well with sushi, thai and Indian food. It is to be served chilled. It is sweet and earthy, however I did find that with this one is delicious with something of the salty and caramel flavor! I had this delicious salted caramel chocolate bar and my heavens that was a tasty combo! 

I will have to let you know more about the other two, but until I finish off these two bottles I currently have open, I have no plans to open any more bottles! 

However click here to get your wine box going and ordered!!! You will get $20.00 of Winc Wine! 

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Lypsyl lip balm

Very rarely do I encounter a lip balm I love. most of the time I end up with a lip balm that I lose and am not to worried about losing. however Lypsyl has knocked me off my feet!

 As Sweden's Number one lip balm, this lip balm leaves my lips silky smooth and it lasts so long! Using beeswax partnered with Shea Butter, coconut oil and a few other ingredients it creates the perfect lip balm! Giving you some intense and long lasting protection! So how do you get your hands on this great lip gloss ? You can find it at Walmart! So wonderful a lip balm I can pick up while I am grocery shopping! So go check it out!

** Lypsyl provided me with a full size lip balm free of charge to facilitate this review! I was not paid for this post, these are my own true and honest opinions!

Monday, August 27, 2018

These days do not last forever

OHHHH man... Here it is, another school year is underway and my hear is breaking! Tomorrow our two oldest kiddos start school and I am not sure how to handle it. Our smallest of the brood is curled up in my arms and I just can not help but think how in just a few short years he will start kindergarten and I am just not ready for that! 

Some days as parents we are just so frazzled that we really forget to enjoy every moment, every game, every concert, every set of school pictures, and a lot of times a lot of those memories, photos and so many art projects get lost in the hustle and bustle. Some of us keep a binder, or a box of these things, but what about a binder dedicated to just the childs memories? Their art projects, the school pictures and even their own thoughts and opinions that they have that year?! Denise Albright has you covered there! She has these awesome school memory binders in her shop and I really just can not get enough of them! So along with the school memory binders her store has these wonderful photo props, everything from Preschool to College, first and last days! So this year our first day photos had a change! I love the change that these photo props brought to our "first day" photos. They do have two different Photo prop decks and Two different memory keepers. One more geared towards boys and one geared towards girls! Filling our our sons one is a long way off because as of right now I do his Preschool and His sitter and I will work together on a curriculum for his Pre K Days. But working with the girls on theirs was a lot of fun!  Especially the pictures part! But we will get to that! So first let me fill you on the details of the insides of the binder! It has First Days to the last, extra pockets, and even extra blank pages so you can ass extra photos from class parties, dances and concerts! So down to the amazing photos and the classy touch that the photo props add to your first day photos!

So this giveaway includes 

2- School Memory Keepers
2- Photo prop decks
1- peek at the week planner

To win

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Complete all the steps below and keep posted to my IG and other social media sites for extra entry opportunities!! 

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** These memory keepers where provided to me at no cost in exchange for my honest opinions! I was not paid to advertise or make this post in any way! the giveaway is sponsored by denise albright studio. **

Thursday, August 23, 2018

The Bold

August... OHHHH man how is it already almost over?? Where is 2018 going ? As I get older the days seem just blur together and fly by! It is hard to think that my little Leo Lion is already three. My Facebook memories are just exploding with pictures from the days just after his birth and my heart is crying out! The reason I bring my small human up, is because August's Aroma Box . This box is the Bold essential Oil kit!

This time I am going to start the post off a tiny bit differently! I am going to start with the roll on! I am in love with the smell of this roll on. It smells like one of my favorite stores back in Arizona.( The Honeyman. for those of you that are curious)  Herbstop has created this delightful blend to bring energy, strength and courage to the Bold. This blend contains essential oils from coffee, cardamom, peru balsam, cinnamon and beeswax absolute in a jojoba oil! This deffinetly has some oomph to it! Whenever you need some energizing massage some into your upper spine, the heart area and the pulse points. Be sure to avoid areas such as eyes and mouth. 

So first up all of the individual oils in This aroma box all have a food chemical codex. HOWEVER I am not a doctor. I am not a medical professional. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE consult your physician before ingesting this! 

Lets talk Bay Laurel Essential Oil. Bay has been used for antiseptic, pain reliever, stimulant and in ancient Greece it was even used to promote prophetic visions! Herbalists use it for lymphatic drainage, bug repellent and soothing itch it has a spicy but refreshing smell to it! I Like the smell of this one. It really is not like anything I have smelled. personally this is one I would use as a perfume or lotion. Actually that is what I am going to leave you with on this one is Lotion! 

What you need 

1/4 cup coconut oil
1/8 cup shea butter
1/8 cup cocoa butter
1 tablespoon beeswax
5 to 10 drops of bay laurel

over a low heat melt together the coconut oil, shea butter and cocoa butter together. 
After it is melted remove from heat and add the remaining ingredients. 
store in a conatiner, such as a mason jar, in a cool dry place. 

This next one is slightly different. Petitgrain, it smells a lot like that of a leaf from a citrus tree. probably because it is distilled from the leaves and twigs of various citrus trees. I am not to fond of it by itself. This one is used for stress and anxiety, but can also help reduce skin blemishes. However I did diffuse this one with lavender and Orange. This was a fantastic smell. 

Diffuser Blend 
3 drops of petitgrain
3 orange
2 lavender

Last is Lime. This one is not just for its uplifting scent. I love the citrusy smell it has! It has several uses, but primarily for sick! So I made a bath soak for when you are not feeling to hot! 

Bath Soak 

2 cups Pink Himalayan sea salt
2 cups epsom salts 
2 tablespoons almond oil ( or carrier oil of your choice) 
10 drops of Bay Laurel Essential Oil
10 Drops of  Lime Essential Oil

Mix together and store in a container.

Now go! Check out how to get your subscription started right here!

what are you waiting for be bold! 

** The Monthly Aroma Box was provided to me from Herb Stop free of charge in exchange for my honest opinions and review. I did not profit from this box. The fact that I received this box free of charge did not influence this post in any way! These are my true and honest words. PLEASE NOTE!!! I AM NOT A MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL. please consult a physician before ingesting any essential oil! 

July's Aroma Box

Oh my goodness, I am so very behind,I have no Valid excuses as to why I am a month behind on my blog, but, I will say I spent almost two weeks in Arizona back at the beginning of July and since I got back, my full time job has kept me in full swing. We have been popping! I got promoted to My store's Manager! Super Excited about that! My work has had a few changes and a few of the projects have been my baby. With that
our two older kiddos where with us for a few weeks at the beginning of August and our little man turned three! My grandparents came to visit from Arizona, so its been total chaos everywhere! finally things are settling down!   

Just like July and August has kept me on my toes July's Aroma box from Herb Stop  has had me dipping into new oils that I have not really used. So I am going to jump right in and introduce the newest oil ( that I did not know was even a thing). Tobacco Absolute. HUWAHH ??? Tobacco? yes that is a thing and it is an essential oil. No it doesn't smell like cigarette smoke, it is actually delightful. So As a former smoker, after I quite I have a hard time being around the smell of cigarettes and tobacco. But this stuff not so much. so let me tell you a bit about it.

 First off, there is not a known chemical food codex. So do not ingest it! 

With a very masculine scent to it it pairs well with white grapefruit or something sweet, or floral smelling. Herbalists will use this in cases of fatigue and mental exhaustion and stress management. So quick point on this, when I was a smoker, I would smoke just to unwind. rather it was to relax at work or after work, a cigarette was my peace. see where I am going with this?? So I can see why this would be used in stress management, and in fatigued or exhausted situations! This is definitely a diffuser kind of thing! 

Diffuser recipe: 
 2 drops of tobacco absolute
3 drops of lavender

While I prefer Lavender, you can change it up with White Grapefruit!

Speaking of which, that is the next oil that came in the box. I love the smell of this one. it brings me back to a time when  I was younger. When I was younger we lived on this little piece of property and we where surrounded by a ton of fruit trees, two of which where grapefruit trees. One yellow and one pink grapefruit trees. I loved the smell of grape fruit! It reminds me of when the the fruits that went unpicked would fall to the ground and our dogs would always use them as a ball. This is such a sweet memory! 

White Grapefruit Essential oils have so many uses, This can be used for anything from aiding in dieting, it can be inhibit microbial infections. It really has a wide range of uses. The big one with this is rel
axation.  This one was super fun to work with! It also has a food chemical codex, so it is safe to ingest.

  Please be sure to talk with your primary care before doing so! I do know that with some medications grapefruit has an interaction, and I am no medical professional to be suggesting you ingest this oil without consultation from the proper medical professional! 
I have read in places that you should avoid the use of grapefruit essential oils while pregnant so again please consult a medical professional before using this oil! 
Please also advise with caution, use of grapefruit oil on the skin can cause irritation to the skin when exposed to strong sunlight! 

All Purpose Cleaner

1 large spray bottle ( mine is 32 oz)
20 oz of white vinegar
15 drops of white grapefruit oil
2 drops of dawn dish soap 
combine all the above ingredients in the bottle
fill the rest with water

** you can adjust this to fit your needs better.** 

Lets jump right to Camphor. This oil has no food codex, so do not ingest it! 

Like many of the oils that are featured from the Aroma Box, camphor has a wide variety of uses! Gassy? Camphor. Poor Circulation? Camphor is a stimulant. Inflammation?? Yep camphor has that covered too! So many uses with this one! This is another one that is used to relax too. ( are you starting to notice a trend in July's box?? yea me too!)

For this one I am going to leave you with the instructions to make a massage oil of it! This has a very minty type smell to it so it really does not need to add another oil to it but if you prefer you can add
something like lavender or rosemary!

Massage oil
5 oz Almond Oil.
I love almond oil but you can use
another carrier oil such as
fractionated coconut oil
5 drops of camphor

Bottle and rub on your skin!

The last item that was in the box is the roll on! The empathic. This roll on oil is geared toward those that are sensitive or deep feeling individuals!  This has a light musk scent to it  and is very calming. Use it to find that balance. Just roll it on your pulse points or abdomen!

So you absolutely need to get signed up for the next incoming box! You can do a subscription for 3, 6 or 12 months! lets do this! Sign up here!

** The Monthly Aroma Box was provided to me from Herb Stop free of charge in exchange for my honest opinions and review. I did not profit from this box. The fact that I received this box free of charge did not influence this post in any way! These are my true and honest words. PLEASE NOTE!!! I AM NOT A MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL. please consult a physician before ingesting any essential oil! 

Monday, August 13, 2018

Daffadoot Car seat Protector

Have you ever gone to clean out your car and dreaded moving the kiddos carseat because you fear what will lie beneath it?? yea me too. So recently I was asked to try out a product from Daffadoot, however I was forced to move my sons car seat in order to try it out, Man was it a nightmare. So what I got to try was a Seat Protector and I just have to say I am pretty impressed! this thick and heavy duty seat protector is sure to protect your seats from any damage your kiddo might bring. It works with not only car seats but just as a general seat protector! Now there is much to protect my car from because well its a pre owned 12 year old car, however for those of you that do have seats worth protecting! It is sure to be worth every penny! It has a strap that can wrap around a head rest, it is latch anchor compatible. It is heat tolerated, color fast, and non skid material!

This seat protector came neatly packaged and even came with the little first aid kit pictured here.  You know it is funny, when I was pregnant and creating a registry for the shower, I laughed at the idea of something like this.... now having tried it I do not laugh! This is a must have! 

** Daffadoot provided this item free of charge for my review. This did not influence my honest and unbiased opinions!**

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Ten Commandments

We have all heard of the Ten Commandments, but what about the Ten Commandments of Marriage. The Ten Commandments tell us how to live our life and individuals but what about what to do when we take vows and live our lives with someone else. We can not possibly change our selves entirely. I mean of course we should not have to if we are marrying the right person.... However just when we live our single life, we should have some basic principals in our marriage. Something we base our marriage around.

The ten commandments. 
1. Thou shalt be selfless
2. Thou shalt have no strings attached
3. Thou shalt continually communicate
4. Thou shalt make conflict thy ally
5. Thou shalt avoid the quicksand of materialism 
6. Thou shalt flee sexual temptation - online and otherwise 
7. Thou shalt forgive thy mate - 490 times and more
8. Thou shalt romance the home 
9. Thou shalt begin again and again
10. Thou shalt build a winning team

So what do all these mean though. Well for me to give the answers would take from the joy of reading the book. So this you will have to find out on your own. you can purchase the book 

This book certainly brought some things in my marriage to light and I can not tell you how much more I think before I speak and how much more I think before I do. This gives some real food for thought! 

** This book was provided  by moody publishers for my review. I did not pay for this book however the opinions expressed here are that of my own.