Sunday, October 21, 2018

Santo Coffee Cubes

In todays world we are always on the go and some mornings I do not have time to make coffee at home let alone to grab some coffee at dutch bros.... so what do I do now??? Uh I grab Santo Coffee cubes! I have had the pleasure of working with this company to review their amazing product and I have to say this is really the game changer in my morning routine, especially when I over sleep and I still need coffee to function! As of right now they are still being funded on kickstarter but if you back them I promise that it will be worth it! I keep one or two of these cubes in my purse and in my vehicle just to have them when I dont have time for coffee! It is super simple, Drop, stir and sip! that is it! No machines, no mess and it is 100% columbian coffee! Delicious and also no chemicals or preservatives! oh it is flavored and sweetened too! So there is that! Typically  I dont like black coffee but this is perfect the way it is! It also gives you just the right amount of go go! I was worried that these would not have enough pick me up but I was sorely mistaken! I simply love them! So how do you get in on this?? Simple go fund them on Kickstarter and get in on this simple delicious madness!!

oh they have a choice between dark, light and decaf roasts too!

** These coffee cubes where provided to me free of charge for the purposes of this review! I was not paid  for this review these are my own honest opinions!

mother of all creams

So as a mom who is constantly battling eczema on the small human I am always looking for creams and lotions that get the job done. specifically ones that are not steroid based or full of harmful chemicals. So today I want to bring you one that I am actually quite fond of! I was introduced to this through a friend of mine, and I instantly wanted to give it a spin an see what it can do for Mr. Man and his constant outbreak.
It is literally the mother of all creams!
so first off I really like this one because of how light it feels on the skin, it smells great and it not filled with a million harmful chemicals. It is specifically geared towards those who have sensitive skin, eczema, psoriasis and an other dermatology needs.
It is not greasy, it absorbs quickly, and is gentle to his skin! it does not burn either!  A lot of times Words dont do talking. So let me show you this kids legs before and after.

and the after! 

So how do you get your hands on this ?? you can order it right through the Puriya site or on Amazon!

** This was provided to me free of charge in exchange for my true and honest opinion. I was not coerced or paid any money to say any of the above. I was provided the products to facilitate my review!**

Jurassic Quest

Lets travel back in time. But not to just any time period. Millions of years ago in fact! To when dinosaurs walked the earth. No seriously! How do you walk among the dinosaurs?? It is fairly simple! You visit Jurassic Quest! So for those of you who have not heard about this event it really is something amazing! Life size dinosaurs, baby dinosaurs to pet and even dinosaurs to ride! Oh yes you can saddle up and ride one!  A few weeks back my family had the pleasure of going to Jurassic quest in Spokane and while D2 and I had an absolute blast, the little man not to much. He did enjoy some attractions such as the bouncy course and the dig site, he was not at all thrilled with the huge dinosaurs. We fully plan to go back when he is a little older. I spoke with my winner of the contest and her family enjoyed Jurassic Quest as much as we did!
We made our own fossils and we where able to dig for some too!! This was by far my favorite thing! I loved making my own fossil! They give you clay to press a fossil into and then you pour a plaster over it. you set it on a table and let it dry for about an hour, find another activity, then com back to it and dig it up! and this is the end result! It was a lot of fun! 
Then we dug for fossils! well the kid started the dig and we ended up doing it for him. this one was a bit tough for even me so D2 had to finish the job! they give you a bar and some tools and each bar contains between two and four fossils!

 Jurassic Jeopardy (which my nerdy husband knew all the answers) Was fun, not to many people seemed interested in it but you can bet we tried everything! My husband has always had a love for dinosaurs, since he was young so this was especially exciting for him! We also both had fun with the fossil display. It was so exciting to see fossils and how large they can actually be! A gigantic shark tooth, a giant cephalopod fossil! 

 Jurassic Quest has over 80 dinosaurs and two events ( from the looks of it one for East half of the US and the West half of the US). You can walk among and with the Dinosaurs! I think out of all of them I loved the baby dinsoaurs the best!! They are adorable! Playful nibbling at the guests crowding through to pet them, catching curious children off guard!

 So what are you waiting for? You need to see where the next Jurassic Quest is and go have an adventure! Walk with dinosaurs and explore!

Click here to get your tickets! 

** This was provided to me free of charge in exchange for my true and honest opinion. I was not coerced or paid any money to say any of the above. I was provided the products to facilitate my review!**

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Winc Wine

After everyone has been fed, the dishes are all done and the lunches have been made, it is time for mama to unwind! 

What better way then with wine that I do not have to go to the store to get! Oh yea, this wine shows up right to my door, I can choose up to four different wines from the selection that Winc has to offer! For this box I selected more fruity wines. I have only had a chance to try two of them so far. 

 I have never had a rose so I was super excited about this one! The Loves Me Not Rose is a sweet and fruity rose. It has hints of Guava, Pineapple, Peach Ring and Mandarin Orange! To top these fruity tastes it has a bit of an earthy taste as well.  It pairs well with Thai, Sushi and Chinese. Best served chilled, but this is absolutely delicious! I personally Love this one all on its own! This is something I come home and just have a glass of. I think this would make a good dessert wine! 

The next one I tried is the Debts and lessons. It is a dry Riesling. It too pairs well with sushi, thai and Indian food. It is to be served chilled. It is sweet and earthy, however I did find that with this one is delicious with something of the salty and caramel flavor! I had this delicious salted caramel chocolate bar and my heavens that was a tasty combo! 

I will have to let you know more about the other two, but until I finish off these two bottles I currently have open, I have no plans to open any more bottles! 

However click here to get your wine box going and ordered!!! You will get $20.00 of Winc Wine! 

** This was provided to me free of charge in exchange for my true and honest opinion. I was not coerced or paid any money to say any of the above. I was provided the products to facilitate my review!**

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Lypsyl lip balm

Very rarely do I encounter a lip balm I love. most of the time I end up with a lip balm that I lose and am not to worried about losing. however Lypsyl has knocked me off my feet!

 As Sweden's Number one lip balm, this lip balm leaves my lips silky smooth and it lasts so long! Using beeswax partnered with Shea Butter, coconut oil and a few other ingredients it creates the perfect lip balm! Giving you some intense and long lasting protection! So how do you get your hands on this great lip gloss ? You can find it at Walmart! So wonderful a lip balm I can pick up while I am grocery shopping! So go check it out!

** Lypsyl provided me with a full size lip balm free of charge to facilitate this review! I was not paid for this post, these are my own true and honest opinions!

Monday, August 27, 2018

These days do not last forever

OHHHH man... Here it is, another school year is underway and my hear is breaking! Tomorrow our two oldest kiddos start school and I am not sure how to handle it. Our smallest of the brood is curled up in my arms and I just can not help but think how in just a few short years he will start kindergarten and I am just not ready for that! 

Some days as parents we are just so frazzled that we really forget to enjoy every moment, every game, every concert, every set of school pictures, and a lot of times a lot of those memories, photos and so many art projects get lost in the hustle and bustle. Some of us keep a binder, or a box of these things, but what about a binder dedicated to just the childs memories? Their art projects, the school pictures and even their own thoughts and opinions that they have that year?! Denise Albright has you covered there! She has these awesome school memory binders in her shop and I really just can not get enough of them! So along with the school memory binders her store has these wonderful photo props, everything from Preschool to College, first and last days! So this year our first day photos had a change! I love the change that these photo props brought to our "first day" photos. They do have two different Photo prop decks and Two different memory keepers. One more geared towards boys and one geared towards girls! Filling our our sons one is a long way off because as of right now I do his Preschool and His sitter and I will work together on a curriculum for his Pre K Days. But working with the girls on theirs was a lot of fun!  Especially the pictures part! But we will get to that! So first let me fill you on the details of the insides of the binder! It has First Days to the last, extra pockets, and even extra blank pages so you can ass extra photos from class parties, dances and concerts! So down to the amazing photos and the classy touch that the photo props add to your first day photos!

So this giveaway includes 

2- School Memory Keepers
2- Photo prop decks
1- peek at the week planner

To win

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Complete all the steps below and keep posted to my IG and other social media sites for extra entry opportunities!! 

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** These memory keepers where provided to me at no cost in exchange for my honest opinions! I was not paid to advertise or make this post in any way! the giveaway is sponsored by denise albright studio. **

Thursday, August 23, 2018

The Bold

August... OHHHH man how is it already almost over?? Where is 2018 going ? As I get older the days seem just blur together and fly by! It is hard to think that my little Leo Lion is already three. My Facebook memories are just exploding with pictures from the days just after his birth and my heart is crying out! The reason I bring my small human up, is because August's Aroma Box . This box is the Bold essential Oil kit!

This time I am going to start the post off a tiny bit differently! I am going to start with the roll on! I am in love with the smell of this roll on. It smells like one of my favorite stores back in Arizona.( The Honeyman. for those of you that are curious)  Herbstop has created this delightful blend to bring energy, strength and courage to the Bold. This blend contains essential oils from coffee, cardamom, peru balsam, cinnamon and beeswax absolute in a jojoba oil! This deffinetly has some oomph to it! Whenever you need some energizing massage some into your upper spine, the heart area and the pulse points. Be sure to avoid areas such as eyes and mouth. 

So first up all of the individual oils in This aroma box all have a food chemical codex. HOWEVER I am not a doctor. I am not a medical professional. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE consult your physician before ingesting this! 

Lets talk Bay Laurel Essential Oil. Bay has been used for antiseptic, pain reliever, stimulant and in ancient Greece it was even used to promote prophetic visions! Herbalists use it for lymphatic drainage, bug repellent and soothing itch it has a spicy but refreshing smell to it! I Like the smell of this one. It really is not like anything I have smelled. personally this is one I would use as a perfume or lotion. Actually that is what I am going to leave you with on this one is Lotion! 

What you need 

1/4 cup coconut oil
1/8 cup shea butter
1/8 cup cocoa butter
1 tablespoon beeswax
5 to 10 drops of bay laurel

over a low heat melt together the coconut oil, shea butter and cocoa butter together. 
After it is melted remove from heat and add the remaining ingredients. 
store in a conatiner, such as a mason jar, in a cool dry place. 

This next one is slightly different. Petitgrain, it smells a lot like that of a leaf from a citrus tree. probably because it is distilled from the leaves and twigs of various citrus trees. I am not to fond of it by itself. This one is used for stress and anxiety, but can also help reduce skin blemishes. However I did diffuse this one with lavender and Orange. This was a fantastic smell. 

Diffuser Blend 
3 drops of petitgrain
3 orange
2 lavender

Last is Lime. This one is not just for its uplifting scent. I love the citrusy smell it has! It has several uses, but primarily for sick! So I made a bath soak for when you are not feeling to hot! 

Bath Soak 

2 cups Pink Himalayan sea salt
2 cups epsom salts 
2 tablespoons almond oil ( or carrier oil of your choice) 
10 drops of Bay Laurel Essential Oil
10 Drops of  Lime Essential Oil

Mix together and store in a container.

Now go! Check out how to get your subscription started right here!

what are you waiting for be bold! 

** The Monthly Aroma Box was provided to me from Herb Stop free of charge in exchange for my honest opinions and review. I did not profit from this box. The fact that I received this box free of charge did not influence this post in any way! These are my true and honest words. PLEASE NOTE!!! I AM NOT A MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL. please consult a physician before ingesting any essential oil!